Chilmark began the celebration of the Memorial Day weekend on Friday morning. Folks turned out for the dedication of a Veterans Memorial Plaque on a stone in front of town hall that commemorates the service of 34 men from Chilmark who served their country during war and conflict between 1950 and 2000. The Chilmark Historical Commission researched and placed the stone and planned the appropriate ceremony led by veteran Stan Mercer with music by Merrily Fenner and Mark Mazer, songs sung by the students of the Chilmark school and trumpet solos performed by Edson Rogers. Many Chilmark veterans were joined by fellow veterans from other Island towns and all joined in saluting the veterans whose names are on the new plaque. It was agreed by everyone there that it was a very good way to begin the holiday weekend.

Carol Mays came from Londonderry, N.H., to attend the dedication of the plaque. She visited with her mother, Mildred Mayhew. Her brother, Ted, is one of those remembered on the memorial plaque.

Congratulations to Katie Carroll who was named to the list of 2008 Unsung Heroines of Massachusetts. There was a ceremony at the Massachusetts State House in Boston on May 14 and Marshal and Katie attended. Katie was honored for her many activities aimed at making her community a better place. She is the chairman of the Chilmark board of health, member of the Chilmark Preschool board of directors and the organizer each year of the two most popular parties in town, the annual firemen’s Halloween and Christmas parties for children. Most of you see her at Menemsha Texaco where she and Marshall are often hard at work! Cheers from us all, Katie.

Diana Lees of Waltham came to Chilmark to keep Brook and Bradley Carroll company while their parents, Marshall and Katie, spent the Memorial Day weekend working hard in Menemsha. Brook is recovering from tonsil surgery done two weeks ago and Bradley is recovering from a strep throat that the whole family picked up while in Boston.

We all send happy birthday greetings to Gert Shea who will celebrate her 80th birthday on June 8. Gert and her husband, Roland, will celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary in June. Cheers from us all.

Charles and Marjorie Phillips are back on Larsen Lane for the summer months, having come from their home in Lexington, Va. Their daughter, Susan Weber, is visiting with them from Union, Me., with her children John Owen and Anna.

Ed Greenebaum and Joan Coulter of Evanston, Ill., arrived at the family home last week in time to host a Memorial Day gathering of family to celebrate the lives of Bertha Greenebaum Wadt, Margaret Kuh and Irwin Askow . . . all members of the family who have died recently. Among family members present were Eric and Jessica Greene-baum and Michael Greenebaum.

Welcome back to Bob and Emma Shalhope who have returned from Norman, Okla., to their Menemsha home.

We send get-well wishes this week to Carol Crocker, Kathie Carroll’s mom, who is at Youville Hospital and Rehabilitation Center in Cambridge to gain strength for surgery on her back scheduled for this month.

Dick and Jean Denholtz of Westport, Conn., were in town for the holiday weekend greeting old friends.

The Captain Flanders House bed and breakfast is open for the season. It is a popular and pretty setting for many weddings and special events.

Bob and Carol Haskell opened their State Road home for the season. They live in Royaton, Conn., when not in Chilmark.

Patrick Ruel is back in town and with his family after an extended trip to South America. He visited Patagonia and other exotic locations.

Bill and Betsy Ramsey opened the family cottage on Larsen Lane this week. Betsy’s father, Bill Gilmour, opened his home also. They all come from Wayland.

Here are some dates for the library programs coming up in June so you can mark your calendars and not miss a good program. Dr. Les Cutler, a former chancellor of the University of Connecticut Health Care, will speak on June 11 at 5:30 p.m. on The Future of Health Care. Robert Kennedy of Nantucket’s Maria Mitchell Association will speak on scallop restoration. Conrad Neumann will give a talk with slides on June 19 titled Geology and Scenery on Land and Sea. His program will begin at 5 p.m.

Phil and Linda Teel came from Cumberland to spend the holiday weekend with Phil’s parents, Peter and Katherine Teel. Their children, Grace, Isobel and Peter accompanied them.

Taylor Toole is around town filming the movie Mow Crew. It about musicians and the Vineyard and is a comedy. You may spot them filming in Menemsha and other Chilmark locations in the coming weeks. They plan to film the Chilmark Preschool students in a birthday party scene.

The magazine Architectural Digest has featured a Chilmark home in its June issue.

And so the summer begins for Chilmark. Please keep me posted on news of all the activities that you want to share.