Friday, May 23: Partly sunny morning. Edgartown School students march to the sea in the afternoon under bright sunshine. Warm and breezy. Lilacs are in full bloom. Children toss flowers into the harbor as part of annual observance of Memorial Day weekend. Clouds increase. Light rain in the afternoon. Clearing late.

Saturday, May 24: Cloudless skies in the early morning. The air is cool. Breezy. Bright sun. A day for sunblock lotion. The evening is cool, autumnal breezy. The air is fragrant. A wisteria bush in Edgartown swells with buds colored deep purple. Lilac flowers wilt in Vineyard Haven.

Sunday, May 25: Sunny. Warm. Visitors gather at the Oak Bluffs pay beach. Sunbathing on the leeside of dunes and stone jetties. Only a few sunbathers wade into the cold water. Herring gulls hover over the beach, at times almost motionless, and keep a watchful eye on the new arrivals.

Monday, May 26: Bright vivid colored dawn. Oak Grove Cemetery Avenue of Flags in Vineyard Haven sees hundreds of flags. A light breeze moves the flags. Solemn veterans walk through Oak Grove Cemetery in a morning Memorial Day parade. Clammers pursue quahaugs in the waters of Sengekontacket Pond. They wander through smooth flat waters. Increasing clouds late. A line of heavy showers pass north and south of the Vineyard but only light drizzle falls in Vineyard Haven.

Tuesday, May 27: Sunny spring morning. Clouds at sunset. Line of showers miss the Vineyard, but the air is cool and damp. Softball and soccer practice in Veterans Park in Vineyard Haven.

Wednesday, May 28: Brief rain in the morning. Sunny late in the morning. The air is fresh. Lawn mowers singing in downtown Vineyard Haven. A lone fisherman walks the flats of West Basin in Lagoon Pond late in the afternoon, in pursuit of striped bass. Light breeze at night. Starry night.

Thursday, May 29: Light breeze from the west. Clear. The temperature starts out in the high 40s and reaches the 60s by midmorning. Deep blue skies. Geraniums in a flower box in Edgartown.