The weather has made this past week heaven. People are excited about their gardens, the lawns are getting greener, and the trees all have their leaves. Mother Nature even put the water on for us on Wednesday so we could take a day off from watering.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. It is the first of the month and of course I did not get the school list. I now have called the school for the whole summer’s list of birthdays, however, so I should be set till September.

Special birthday wishes go out to my best friend and husband, Ralph, who celebrated his day June 3.

Happy anniversary to Eddie and Sheila BenDavid who celebrated their anniversary on June 3.

Special anniversary wishes to Sam and Nancy Leighton who celebrate their 56th anniversary on June 3.

If you see Gloria Norton out and about with Janice Rose, wish her a very happy birthday, as she will be celebrating her 88th birthday on June 8.

I told you a few weeks ago that we had a mother robin on a nest on the beam of the Green Shed at Donaroma’s, where I work. Well, the empty nest syndrome has arrived. We watched as the eggs hatched and waited to see the little beaks over the top of the nest. Then came the battle of which one was going to get the worm first. On Saturday, when we arrived at work, Mama Robin had put a piece of moss along side the nest where the two largest babies perched. During the course of the day the two largest babies made their way to a tree across from the shed. We watched patiently to see if they returned but they did not. Lori said on Sunday the other two did the same as their bigger siblings did and now there is only the nest sitting on the beam. It was a fun spring watching them and the customers loved the situation, too.

Pat Tyra and her husband, Harold Bauld, have arrived at their home on Shurtleff Way from Dania Beach, Fla., for the summer season. They stopped first in Boston for grandchild Caitlin Bauld’s graduation from Emerson College. Now Pat is thinking about helping plan for next summer’s 50th Edgartown High School class reunion and waiting for the July visit from classmate and former neighbor, Jimmy Santos, and his wife Patty. (Perhaps the former “neighborhood kids,” families and friends will stage another summer get together like last year.)

I was going to Vineyard Haven on Wednesday and could not help noticing that there were about six cars for sale. I guess the price of $4.67 a gallon is a little much for some. I don’t know how people are coping with it, but I’m sure we will handle this.

On the trip, I also noticed that the rhododendrons are absolutely beautiful. I also giggled to myself as I saw the size of the rhododendron on the top of Skiff avenue and Edgartown Road. This once was the King residence and all of those shrubs were very small when I was a kid. Now they are up to the top of the porch roof. Need I say more?

Over in Oak Bluffs, summer residents Donna and Jerry Puorro of 115 Sea View avenue announced that seven-month-old grandson Jake Wyatt Radzwill made his inaugural ferry ride to visit the Vineyard Memorial Day weekend. Jake’s parents Kristin and Brian reported other firsts included Inkwell Beach, Linda Jean’s, Ocean Park and delight at the Sea View traffic. Also in attendance was Jake’s great-grandmother Anne Forte. Many more summers of exploration are expected.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.