Paul Strauss of Oak Bluffs will retire on June 30 from his seats on the Dukes County Commission, the Martha’s Vineyard Commission and Dukes County Charter Study Commission.

In a letter read at the county commission’s Wednesday meeting, Mr. Strauss stated that his decision to retire “is based solely on age and age-related health care issues.” He did not attend the meeting.

Mr. Strauss, a World War II veteran who has worked in public service for most of his life, is 81.

“While some others may at this age continue to carry a full load, I feel it’s time for younger people with more energy to bear more of the responsibility for setting and achieving the goals of these and other public organizations,” he wrote in the letter.

Mr. Strauss said he will continue his role on the Island Plan steering committee.

At Wednesday’s meeting, it also was announced that Jennifer Randolph, the assistant to the county manager, will be resign from her post June 20 to take care of her new baby and to pursue a business.