Friday, June 6: Rain in the morning. Clearing skies. Warm. Fog settles over the Vineyard at night. The low dark sound of the Nobska Light foghorn can be heard from Oak Bluffs to Vineyard Haven late at night.

Saturday, June 7: Sunny. Soil is turned over by tractor at Morning Glory Farm. The soil smells fresh and looks dark. Southwest wind shifts to a strong westerly wind. Fly-fishermen line the North Shore in the late afternoon. Pretty sunset.

Sunday, June 8: Sunny. Camp Meeting Association’s Tabernacle comes to life after a quiet morning. Oak trees with new leaves tower over gingerbread houses. The leaves rustle in a light breeze overhead. Light breeze near the Wesley Hotel offers some relief. The topsail schooner Shenandoah sits at her mooring in Vineyard Haven harbor. Mostly cloudy in the west in the late afternoon. Spectacular sunset is watched by fly-fishermen at Lamberts Cove Beach. Hazy starry night.

Monday, June 9: Summer arrives early. Temperature rises to a high of 91 degrees. Bicyclists move slowly through Edgartown. The Bend in the Road Beach attracts a crowd late in the late afternoon. Wading.

Tuesday, June 10: Sunbathers line up along State Beach in Edgartown. Many sunbathers, only a few swimmers. The Vineyard is surrounded by a thin fog about a mile out. Coming out of the late afternoon fog, the ferry Nantucket arrives at the Oak Bluffs Steamship Authority wharf. Tourists walk past the Flying Horses.

Wednesday, June 11: Hazy sunshine over South Beach in Edgartown in the morning. The beach, the rolling seas and the sky glisten in the hazy sunshine. Temperature reaches the mid-80s before noon. The air is dry inland. Gardeners water. A bird bath fills with birds in an Edgartown backyard. Lawns show signs of yellow. Wisteria petals fall. Irises are in full bloom.

Thursday, June 12: Sunny and the air is drier. Daylilies are not far from blossoming in Vineyard Haven. Wind is from the north. Day sailboats in outer Edgartown harbor speed along the Chappaquiddick shoreline.