Frost Biters Race

Warm weather arrived on Sunday, June 8, for the Frost Biters and Winter Guys as they undertook their third Sunday race of the season. Five boats gathered for the 2 p.m. start at buoy Nun 6 in Vineyard Haven harbor for another race around the Zig Zag Course.

The sailors raced to the Red and White Bell buoy in the Sound, then to Nun 4 off West Chop, then across the harbor entrance to Can 23A off East Chop, and then back into the harbor to finish at Nun 6.

Phil Hale won the race in Mischief, followed by Mike Loberg in Masquerade and Dan Culkin in Magic Time.

Racing is set to continue this Sunday. More information is available by calling Phil Hale at 508-693-4296 or 508-693-0400.