The Father’s Day weather was not so good but Dad got to relax, at least for one day. Many outdoor cookouts were postponed, but for once he did not have to clean up after dinner.

The summer season officially begins today. The buses will be operating on its full summer schedule beginning tomorrow morning. It is also the official opening day for Lambert’s Cove beach when stickers will be required. They are now being sold at the shed over at the town tennis courts, next to the school, daily from 9 a.m. to noon, and in addition on weekends from 4 to 7 p.m. this year. We will experience a dramatic increase in the population and automobile traffic this weekend. The public schools were dismissed for the summer at noon.

The school yard was busy Sunday, even though a light rain fell for a good part of the day. A baseball game, a Brazilian soccer match and tennis doubles all were being played at the same time, around noon.

Art galleries are open for the season all over the Island. The Field Gallery is being managed this year by Emily Drazen, of Brooklyn, N.Y. She reports that she is enjoying the wide variety of customers that visit daily.

Jessica Stern of Bernardston is working for the summer at Garcia’s Deli and Bakery.

Former Deacon Marian Irving of Old County Road reports that the Congregational Church is the place to be tomorrow from 1 to 4 p.m. for the annual strawberry festival. All proceeds assist in the preservation of the historic church.

Margo Wright reports that Jay and Celine Segel of Pond Road have just returned home from a trip to France where they visited with Celine’s family and were given a warm welcome party. Jay, a podiatrist, had an article published in a national journal describing the techniques of the therapeutic massage that he has pioneered and uses with great success in his practice. Another article is being developed and will be published shortly.

Fred Barron of Campbell Road reports that his Father’s Day surprise was a visit from his two daughters, Julia from Los Angeles and Maggie from New York city. His wife Jeanne arranged the visit.

Barbara Holden of Gloucestershire, England, is visiting her daughter Alexia and grandson Noah Garcia at their State Road home. Barbara reluctantly passed up the opportunity to attend the centuries-old shin-kicking contest in her home town.

Malcolm and Judy Hall of Oklahoma City, Okla., and Pond Road, arrived at their summer home last weekend for the summer. Malcolm has been kept busy with yard work and planting his wife’s vegetables that she grew from seed in Oklahoma. He had a surprisingly large crop of okra last summer.

More than 100 antique automobiles, ranging from a Ford Model T to a 1976 Plymouth, arrived last week for their annual visit and exhibition. Their owners are members of the Boston Area Roadsters Club. Several of them stopped at the Field Gallery last Saturday and immediately drew a large crowd of people curious to see the cars and ask the owners questions.

Leon and Janette Sample, of Alexandria, Va., arrived last Friday to spend several days at the family compound on Cobb’s Hill. They opened the house for the season as other members of the family will soon be arriving from around the country.

Martha and Carl Tack of Waldron’s Bottom Road arrived for a brief visit last Saturday. She is going back to her home in London, England, and will return in two weeks for a month’s stay. She is expecting her family to arrive in time for the Fourth of July festivities.

Henry Bessire and his wife Louise are in residence for the summer at their home on Edgartown Road. Henry reports that they are planning for family and house guests shortly.

Judge B.L. Bird of Fairfax, Va., is in residence at his home on Music street. He opened the house and is getting it ready for the summer.

Tony Lewis of Cambridge and his wife Margaret Marshall arrived at their Deep Bottom camp last Friday. They spent a relaxing weekend on the cove.

Nicole Alley and her husband Arsen Hambardzumian of East Taunton came down for Father’s Day. Our son Sam took the whole family out to the Portuguese-American Club for a wonderful breakfast. Phyllis Meras and Sal Laterra joined us for the special occasion.

Carey and Abby Rosenthal of Newtown Square, Pa., have been vacationing at their home in Kuffie’s Cove. They moved to their State Road home last Sunday. Their daughter Blake came up to be with them for Father’s Day. They celebrated their wedding anniversary on Tuesday.

Ed Konicki of Webster was browsing in the old bookstore in Dudley recently and he found this gem and passed it on. In 1925, Harleigh and Natalie Schultz started up and published a monthly magazine of Island life in this town. In the July issue, there were several poems by Emma Mayhew Whiting, a story by her son John, photographs, a boat schedule, a history of the Baptist Church and much more plus lots of advertisements and a letter dated June 3rd from the high and grammar school students to President Calvin Coolidge inviting him to come to the Island to visit during the summer. They asked that all Islanders send them a letter asking them to come down. They further advised emphasizing the fine vote the Vineyard gave him: practically every ballot cast was for him.

A special June event is taking place over at the Howes House late this afternoon and from 9 till 2 p.m. tomorrow. You are invited to an exhibit of art work by members of the Friday afternoon art class. Nancy Cabot, facilitator of the painting group, promises a varied and exciting show.

Mary Beth Norton reports that she has returned to the Island for the summer at her Great Plains Road House. This willbe her 19th summer and (unlike her friend EllenWeiss) sheis planting a vegetable gardenand hopes to continue adding to her string of blue and red ribbons won at the agriculturalfair. 

On June 28, 1950, a dozen members of the West Tisbury Grange 251 had nearly finished what seemed like an impossible task of clearing the Mill Pond of the dreaded parrot weed that was so thick it virtually choked the pond. Grangers volunteered their time for more than three months to pull out the weed from the man-made pond that was built to supply water power to the old mill building across the street. Joe White of Oak Bluffs and his crane helped out by building up the banks with silt. When the project was finished, the Grange purchased the first pair of swans to inhabit the pond: the reason for doing so is that they are very partial to parrot weed and would help to keep it under control.

Over the years, several sets of swans have called the pond home. So many that people today often refer to it as the swan pond.

Happy birthday to Donna Eldridge and Danyon Russell today; Luke Bartkus, Constance Toteanu and Daryl Kaeka tomorrow; Stan Hersh, Karen Lipsky and Matt Stackpole on Sunday; Mary Louise Perry, Richard Sylva and John Moore on Monday; Ben Moore, Mimi Frankel, Marti Mariner, Russ Cote and Lieut. Brian Kennedy on Tuesday; Eric Johnson, Bess Child and David Franklin on Wednesday; and Alicia Tonti, Lynn Bouck, Paula Black, Sarah Murphy and Kathy Retmier on Thursday. Belated anniversary wishes to Carey and Abby Rosenthal.

Shirley Mayhew proudly reports that her granddaughter Katie Ann sang magnificently Wednesday night with the Boston Pops Orchestra. and was one of three acts chosen to go on to the finals on July 1. Our congratulations to KatieAnn. 

Well, that is all of the social news for this week’s column. If you have any news, please call or e-mail me. Have a great week.