It has been an exciting year for Jim Wilkerson and Christina Cinelli. They graduated together from Brown University’s School of Medicine this May, and soon thereafter announced their engagement. They have recently relocated to Baltimore, Md., where Jim will continue his training as a resident in orthopedics at the University of Maryland and Christina will pursue a radiology residency at Johns Hopkins.

Our son Ben is making a similar transition. He graduated from the Medical College of Virginia in May and will soon become a urology resident at Dartmouth. As he prepares to learn the intricacies of robotic surgery, my one regret as a parent is the restrictions we placed on his use of video games as a young boy. Ben, along with wife Julie and their daughter Maddie, have relocated to Eastman, N.H.

The Dennehys are back from their yearlong sabbatical. I don’t think there is a sports venue they missed in their extensive travels throughout the country. Bill will return to Exeter in the fall, and Cyndee will resume her well-earned retirement, although with five grandchildren living next door she will surely be busy.

Sadly, we will miss Wes Dripps, Hannah, and daughter Ellie this summer, but they have had a busy and fulfilling life in Greenville, S.C. Their most exciting news is the birth of Sarah Carolyn Langmuir Dripps on June 17. Both mother and daughter are doing fine. Ellie, the proud sister, turned three on June 21. Wes balanced his responsibilities as a father with some extraordinary work at Furman University, which led to his being named Teacher of the Year. He is the youngest faculty member to ever receive that honor.

Have you seen the new Dave Lawton — East Chop’s poster boy for the bionic heart? Over the last two years, Dave has received a stent as well as a new heart valve. Recently he returned to the hospital to repair a leak in the stent. But Dave is back, a shadow of his former self, with renewed energy and that same, wonderful smile that lights up his face.

Because I spend a lot of time hanging out with grandparents, I hear many good stories. Grandparents have bragging rights! One of the most heartwarming of these stories comes from Bob and Liz Huss. Amos Gaylord, their grandson from Warren, Vt., recently won the conductor’s award for excellence in music and the Black and Gold Award for the most outstanding student at his middle school.

Brooke Johnson and Bill Brown were married June 14 in Breckenridge, Colo. The wedding and reception took place at Ten Mile Station on Peak 9 on a beautiful cloudless day in the Colorado Rockies. Imagine that! Brooke’s sister, Mo Johnson, was in attendance. Brooke is working on her doctorate in education and runs an afterschool program for high school students in Denver. Bill is a computer engineer, also working in Denver. The couple recently left on a honeymoon on the other side of the world in Maui.

For those of you who have yet to arrive, the tennis club opened on June 21 with all courts fully functioning and in excellent shape. Grill night continues to be held each Wednesday evening at 6 p.m., with all members welcome and encouraged to attend. The beach club will open this Saturday, June 28, and Lisa Knight, the new manager, is ready. The water is warming, and the new deck looks wonderful.

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