Friday, June 20: A large gibbous moon hangs low over the western sky at dawn on the first day of summer. Mostly sunny afternoon. Bicycles speed past Ocean Park towards Edgartown. A small fleet of sailboats crosses Nantucket Sound. Light chop. Orange and red beach towels hang from a Camp Ground backyard clothes line. Light afternoon breeze.

Saturday, June 21: Dry. Garden is watered in West Tisbury. Waskosim’s has some evidence of caterpillars. Mill Brook is full and babbles over rocks. A breeze cools the air in the forest. Polly Hill Arboretum fields are lush green. Classical music under a tent. Grass is tall in open meadows of Chilmark. Sunbathers gather along a North Shore beach and watch public safety officials tow an upside-down submerged helicopter. Sunlight speckles the waters of Vineyard Sound.

Sunday, June 22: Pleasant beach afternoon in Oak Bluffs. Overcast. A garden in Vineyard Haven gets tilled and watered. String beans send up their first shoots under a hot, dry sun.

Monday, June 23: Skies are partly cloudy. The air is humid. Pink roses are in full bloom on a picket fence in Edgartown. Daylilies are in bloom in Vineyard Haven. The air is damp at noon. A thunderstorm with very little rain moves up Vineyard Sound. The air is cooler late.

Tuesday, June 24: A squall line approaches from the south in the late afternoon. Loud thunder echoes down the streets of Vineyard Haven. Skies clear by 5 p.m. Another line of thunderstorms approach from the northwest. Brief heavy shower. A rainbow shines brightly over the Vineyard. Crowds gather outside the Black Dog Tavern to watch. Following the Oak Bluffs special town meeting at the elementary school, participants are greeted with a show in the sky as they leave. The rainbow is observed at the Oak Bluffs harbor by hundreds.

Wednesday, June 25: Fishing boats head out of Edgartown harbor early, soon after sunrise. Current in Edgartown harbor is strong heading in. Thousands of small bait fish swim around Memorial Wharf. The afternoon is mostly sunny. Cool afternoon. Star-filled night.

Thursday, June 26: Mostly cloudy in the morning. Humid. Temperature rises into the mid 70s before noon. Wind from the southwest. Breezy.