Selectmen in the three up-Island towns agreed last week to form a five-member board of overseers and rewrite a request for proposals for a planned distributed antennae system aimed at improving cellular telephone service.

At a meeting Friday selectmen from the three towns said they would keep working toward an intermunicipal agreement.

Selectmen Camille Rose of Aquinnah, Richard Knabel of West Tisbury and J.B. Riggs Parker of Chilmark will join the board of overseers. Two additional members, including at least one emergency service provider, will be included on the board.

Chilmark executive secretary Tim Carroll was assigned to draft the new RFP.

The distributed antenna system works by mounting small antennae, connected by cable, on existing utility poles. The new RFP will include a dedicated emergency communications option.

Discussion last week centered around the need for technical expertise in developing RFP language and in ensuring the system chosen is appropriate.

“We need a neutral and knowledgeable person. The technology changes too quickly for a lay board to handle,” Mr. Knabel said.