Friday, June 27: Hot and muggy afternoon. Temperature reaches the mid-80s. A gentle breeze in the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest. Bicyclists speed along the path. Daylilies and tiger lilies line the road in North Tisbury. Late-afternoon strollers on Main street in Vineyard Haven. Less hot. Fog late.

Saturday, June 28: Fog at dawn. Fishermen line the stone jetty and channel at the Joseph A. Sylvia State Beach after sunrise. Hazy sunshine. The calm water mirrors the sky. No horizon, no line defines the difference between sky and the sea on Nantucket Sound. Skies clear midmorning. Improved visibility. Muggy.

Sunday, June 29: Sunny. A large fleet of private airplanes and jets are parked at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport. High-flying clouds move quickly over Katama to the east. Sunny over downtown. Clouds increase. Quick rain shower in the afternoon. Skies lighten before sunset. Partly cloudy night.

Monday, June 30: Bright lightning at 3 a.m. Thunder echoes down through the early morning streets of Vineyard Haven. Brief period of heavy rain. The afternoon is sunny. High surf at South Beach in Edgartown. Weather service issues rip tide warnings for southeastern Massachusetts south coastal waters.

Tuesday, July 1: Thick fog in the morning. Skies clear. Mostly sunny. Clear at 2 p.m. Clouds increase by mid-afternoon. Terns hover over a large school of bait fish in Vineyard Haven. Pretty red and gray sunset. The skies are overcast.

Wednesday, July 2: In the early morning, schooner Shenandoah is anchored off State Beach in Oak Bluffs. Lots of pedestrian and vehicular traffic at Five Corners as the ferry boat unloads. Hot. Sheep graze at the edge of a field in the shade of tall trees in the afternoon.

Thursday, July 3: Clear skies in the morning. Traffic jam in downtown Vineyard Haven, the result of a automobile accident. Pink and red roses are in full bloom. Sunny skies and high-flying cirrus clouds. Strong southwest wind.