Friday, July 4: Hot and sunny. Smoke rises above Vineyard Haven Main street. Temperature rises to the high 70s, hotter in the sun. Firemen sip water under a hot overhead sun. Fourth of July parade takes place under clear hazy skies. Hot and breezy. The harbor is full of boats. Low clouds try to interfere with a spectacular fireworks display.

Saturday, July 5: Brief shower in Vineyard Haven in the early morning, before dawn. Mostly overcast. Red and white roses line a split rail fence in Edgartown, are dripping. Tiger lilies are in full bloom. Raspberry bushes are lush with greenery and young berries. Fog. Rain returns in the late afternoon. Skies lighten at dusk.

Sunday, July 6: Fog in the morning. Skies are partly sunny. Temperature rises to the mid-70s. Summer returns to the Vineyard after days of gray skies. Circuit avenue is bustling with pedestrian traffic in the afternoon.

Monday, July 7: Fog in the morning. Hot and sunny at Katama field. Hot temperature rises to the mid-80s in the sun. Bicycle traffic almost exceeds car traffic on the road to South Beach in Edgartown.

Tuesday, July 8: Horses move slowly as they graze off Clevelandtown Road in Edgartown. Dog days of summer. The lawn is dry and hot and underfoot. Sailboats assemble at Vineyard Haven Yacht Club. A stiff southwest breeze. Topsail schooner Shenandoah sits at anchor off West Chop, its sails droop from the bowsprit. Crowds gather for the Tisbury Street Fair in a muggy late afternoon. Cool evening, light breeze.

Wednesday, July 9: Dawn at Lucy Vincent Beach. Large rollers arrive south of the Vineyard. Anglers fish from the Lobsterville side of Menemsha Channel. Fly-fisherman has no trouble casting. A light breeze.

Thursday, July 10: A 3 a.m. loud crash of thunder in downtown Vineyard Haven. Thunderstorm brings a lot of rain in a short period. Skies clear before sunrise. Rosa rugosa in full bloom on the State Beach. Dry morning, less humid. Blue skies overhead, hazy horizon. Hazy sunshine in the morning. Sailboats arrive in Edgartown harbor.