The days have been beautiful and the gardeners are looking for rain. Maybe it could be sun by day, rain by night and everyone would be happy.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week.

Happy birthday to Justin Chapman who celebrated his 24th birthday July 16. Justin, the son of Ruth and Jeff Chapman, has just been accepted to the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at the Massachusetts General Institute. He is studying in the undergraduate program.

Also, daughter Katie Chapman has just graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a bachelor of science degree in psychology. Congratulations to you both.

The Planting Field Way “old” neighborhood group is having their second get-together on Wednesday, July 23, now that Jimmy Santos and his wife, Patty, have arrived from The Villages in Florida. The original “year-round” neighborhood group of Pat Tyra, Gordon Tyra, Eddie Belisle, Karen Belisle, Tommy Fisher, Jimmy Santos, Kathy Perry, Jean Perry Andrews and senior member Helen White will be joined by other family members and friends. If you were part of their neighborhood back in the 1940s and 1950s (the Places, the Serpas, the Harringtons, etc.) and have not received a personal phone invitation it is because they did not know how to reach you. So do call Pat at 508-627-8438 as they want to include everyone. Of course bringing any old photos to share will be most welcome.

I am among the people with company these past few weeks and it has been great seeing everyone. Therefore we were looking forward to our beach adventure on Sunday. Our cousins Mike and Abby Brennen and their 16-month-old daughter Fiona from Connecticut were here, plus Abby’s sister Jessica and her husband Soren Stantue were also here from Connecticut. They were here with Michael and Lynn Kuyan of Baltimore and our cousins and Lynn’s sister Jenny and her husband Nelson Furtado of Fall River.

We all headed to the beach, tires lowered and ready for a nice day. I was the first to pull onto the beach and Mike Brennen was after me. I looked in the mirror and he was stopped at the entrance. Yes, we were the ones who caused the 21-car backup on Sunday and I promised myself that I would never criticize anyone ever again. The car showed it was engaged in four-wheel-drive, so we lowered the tire pressure some more, to no avail. So he was towed out to the Trustees shed where he lowered his pressure (not the blood pressure mind you) some more. Of course as he is doing this there were snickers from the cars passing and one comment from two children saying, “So there is the dum-dum,” which did not help the situation at all. The four-wheel-drive lights were on but never engaged, so he was then towed off the beach. He parked the car and we split the passengers between our two vehicles. We finally arrived to the beach and had a great rest of the day. We drove off the beach to find Mike’s front tire totally flat. Thank God for the air pump by the beach. We made the best of it and during the whole ordeal Abby was snapping pictures so that some day we would see the humor in our day at the beach.

Lynn and Jen’s parents Nancy and David Cooper arrived Sunday afternoon, so they were waiting for us when we arrived home. We have had fun with them and been out to dinner. They have more company coming in this week so who knows what is next but it has kept us out of trouble.

The beach gang was all together but everyone had a lot of company just like us. Therefore the area was crowded. We welcomed Tracy and Spike Smith, back with their daughters Isabelle and Olivia. Also, it is the yearly visit of their friends and ours, Mike and Bonnie Macade, who were happy to be at the beach.

Allison Smith’s mother, Barbara Moran, is here and it was great to see her back at the beach again.

The classic blue jeeps were back the sign of Vineyard Vines family, which meant that Shep Murray and his wife Margot and their kids, Cooper, Saylor and Tucker were here and Graham Murray was here for the summer and his family will soon join him.

It was crowded and hard to keep up with everyone but as usual it was fun and we look forward to this Sunday and see who I missed in this article.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.