Friday, July 11: Sunny and warm. Tiger lilies and daylilies are in full bloom in a Vineyard Haven backyard. The sky is deep blue in the morning. Hazy sunshine in the afternoon. In Edgartown, sailboats return from a day of sailing in the afternoon.

Saturday, July 12: Calm morning on Nantucket Sound. More than 30 boats sit idle off Chappaquiddick awaiting the start of a race around the Island. Blue skies overhead and blue water beneath. A puff of wind fills spinnakers at the start. Hot. Partly cloudy night.

Sunday, July 13: A breezy morning. Edgartown harbor is full of boats at their mooring. Southwest wind. A sailing morning in Edgartown outer harbor. Pied Piper speeds out of harbor. Daylilies in bloom near the Harbor View hotel.

Monday, July 14: A hot muggy morning. Temperature rises to the mid-80s. Skies darken in late afternoon. Heavy shower crosses the Island at 6:15 p.m. catching bicyclists on the road off guard in Edgartown. Visibility drops to a few hundred feet in heavy rain. The air is fresh and autumn-like in evening. Large moon appears overhead between the clouds.

Tuesday, July 15: The air is dry. High-flying cirrus clouds drift over the Vineyard. A team of bicyclists speed past Whiting Farm in West Tisbury on their way Up-Island. Alley’s General Store is a bustling center.

Wednesday, July 16: Late afternoon is cloudless. A sailboat speeds off East Chop and heads into Nantucket Sound. Fishing boats and recreational boats fill Oak Bluffs harbor. The waterfront is bustling by midmorning with activity.

Thursday, July 17: A calm sunny morning. The fields of agricultural society are golden brown, umber and yellow ochre. Cumulus clouds drift up Vineyard Sound and pass off towards the Cape. Topsail schooner Shenandoah is at anchor off Joseph A. Sylvia State Beach. Increasing clouds.