Congratulations to Lieut. Neal J. Maciel who has been chosen the officer in charge of the state police on the Vineyard. It has been an inspiration to see Neal working his way up through advancement over the past three decades. The Commonwealth made a great choice in their infinite wisdom. I could not think of any one more qualified and certainly most deserving of the position. May he find his years rewarding in this new role.

All the best to state police Capt. Robert Moore, his wife Kim, and their children Alexander and Kayleigh as they begin their new chapter after spending the past 20 years on the Vineyard.

The Aquinnah Cultural Center presented the Mishoon burn over the weekend with Jonathan Perry. On Wednesday, Linda Jeffers Coombs presented bead work while demonstrating the making of seed bead earrings. On Friday and Saturday, Tony Eriacho will be featuring his carved Zuni fetishes from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The fetishes will be available in many sizes for collectors. On Wednesday, July 30, Kristina Hook-Leslie will discuss edible plant identification.

Marianne Neill will have a show of her recent paintings at the Chilmark library with an opening reception on Saturday, July 26 from 3 to 5 p.m. at the library. Stop by and see Marianne’s paintings as they will be on display during library hours through August 15.

The Aquinnah community programs committee will be sponsoring a flea market and bazaar at the Aquinnah Town Hall on Sunday, July 27 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. To reserve vendor space, please call 508-645-3340.

Arnold Zack — arbitrator, author, attorney, professor, mediator and longtime Aquinnah resident — will give a talk on globalization on Thursday, July 31 at the Aquinnah library at 5 p.m.

Thanks to Garth and Ollie Edwards, I was able to attend the Martha’s Vineyard Preservation Trust Generations Picnic on Friday evening on the grounds of the Dr. Fisher House. However, I lost one of my wampum earrings – so if anyone finds it on the grounds, please call me at the above number.

While in Edgartown Friday evening, I also had a chance to visit with Tom Demont and Donna Sylva Tomkins at the Edgartown Scrimshaw Shop. Tom has a selection of wampum jewelry, a vast assortment of scrimshaw and a wonderful collection of handmade Nantucket baskets. The three of us thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing.

The first Aquinnah Music Festival was a success, perhaps not in numbers predicted but in the peacefulness of the afternoon and evening as hundreds from all ages enjoyed the festival. Thank you to producer Jim Glavin for his vision in providing such an event, which everyone anticipates will become an annual festival.

Aquinnah musician Isaac Taylor made an unexpected guest appearance in mid-afternoon. I really had no intention of staying but stay I did until the very end when my grandson Chris Manning and fellow Black Brook Drum Members Chris Belain, Tom Fantasia, Jonathan Perry, David Vanderhoop 2nd, Tobey Vanderhoop, and Woody Vanderhoop closed the festival. The Drum had also been asked to open the ceremonies for the afternoon.

Another great reason to stay was to hear Tim Laursen, son of Dr. Peter and Marie Laursen, and his group the Billionaires of L.A. as they performed. It was the first time to listen to their music and I was very impressed as here was a child I had known since infancy.

Tim and the Billionaires have been performing in and around Los Angeles where they have provided the back-up music for a few movies, and have briefly considered signing a contract with a major recording studio. They will expand their horizons along the way. They performed to a packed audience on Friday evening at the Outerland.

Other than drummer George Berz, Isaac Taylor, Jemima James and her son Willie Mason, the Keefe brothers, and Farley Glavin, I did not know any of the other performers.

The greatest vantage point for the day was in the police command center with the camera viewing it all. A great way to put our tax dollars to good use as the command center was provided for by all Vineyard towns for such events.

Of course it also gave Chief Randhi Belain an opportunity to keep an eye on then-Sgt. Neal Maciel of the state police to know when to take him some sustenance throughout his hours of surveillance.

Condolences to the family and friends of Wendy Weisman Jenkinson. Wendy was such a bright spot even during her illness and treatment. We will all share great memories of the gathering at the agricultural hall in August 2007 when her family and friends gathered in her honor.

Judith Lane and her husband Mark Mattson have arrived for the summer at their home overlooking the ponds. Their sons Ian and Roger are away at camp and will return to Aquinnah soon.

All the best to Aquinnah police officer Ryan Maher as he leaves this week, having been offered a position with the Worcester police department. Ryan has worked in both Aquinnah and Chilmark over the past few years but prefers to return to his hometown to further his career. We will certainly miss him around town. He promises to return to visit just as officers Ryan Ruley and Ryan Myatt have all promised as well.

Condolences to the family of Polly Mayhew Meinelt who died this week. It was always a delight to meet up with Polly and her husband Ted and to share historical and genealogical information with each other.

Condolences to the family of Maynard Silva. It seems like only yesterday when his late parents Mabel and Frank were sharing the tales of Maynard in the South. It was a pleasure to welcome his musical talents when he returned to the Vineyard and to perform for so many over the decades. He never lost his sense of humor even through his past several years of illness.

Condolences to Bertha Williston, her children Robert and Brenda and their families in the loss of Bob Williston. Over the years we had spent many hours with Bob and Sis. He was always ready to assist anyone and I will always have fond memories of the stuffed quahogs and his process of making them.

Happy birthday wishes this week to Samuel Scott today, Friday, July 25 as he shares the day with Corey Vanderhoop, who will be 10 years old. Sarah Alice Swift-Mendez will be 15 on July 26 and has been spending her summer at camp with the IMP Program. Marshall Lee, Joan LeLacheur, Otis Jeffers Jr. and Amalie Vandal all will celebrate on July 26. Michael Sellitti will be 17 on the 28th. Hollis F. Smith will party on July 29. Polly Galbraith and Christopher Laursen party on the 30th. Bernadette Crossland will celebrate on the 31st.