An empty Cheetos bag and a baby’s diaper found during a routine traffic stop in West Tisbury earlier this year led to a grand jury indictment this week for an Island man suspected of trafficking cocaine.

David A. Perez, 27, of West Tisbury, was indicted in Dukes County Superior Court last Tuesday. He is being held in the Edgartown house of correction on $100,000 bail.

According to West Tisbury police, the indictment stems from an investigation that began on May 28 when detective Dan Gouldrup noticed Mr. Perez parked at the entrance to Blackthorn Road. He appeared be to sleeping, and the detective turned his cruiser around to check on his welfare.

When Detective Gouldrup approached the vehicle, Mr. Perez woke up. When questioned, Mr. Perez said he was tired because his young baby was keeping him up. Detective Gouldrup was familiar with Mr. Perez, and received consent to look around the interior of his car.

After a check of the vehicle and further conversation with Mr. Perez, the detective told him to leave the area.

Before the detective got back in his cruiser, he noticed a small orange Cheetos bag wrapped in electrical tape lying on the ground near where Mr. Perez’s vehicle had been parked. He found a baby’s diaper inside the bag; a plastic bag filled with a white powdery substance was inside the diaper.

A subsequent field test of the substance showed a positive result for cocaine. Police seized a total of 60.39 grams of cocaine with an estimated street value of $6,000.

A search warrant was obtained for Mr. Perez’s vehicle later that day and a general broadcast went out advising officers to be on the lookout for him. An arrest warrant was issued for Mr. Perez on May 29, and he turned himself into police on July 1.