This is the big weekend when the July people leave after their month or two-week visit and the August crowd arrives. Sometimes I think it is as busy as Memorial Day weekend. It is also the time we start thinking about the fair and waiting for the fireworks.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week.

Big balloons to Cheryl Welch who celebrated her day July 22. There was a large beach gang and Margaret and Norman Rankow provided a cake for the occasion. Mary Morano was the server and did a fine job of it.

We had a great time and even when the rainstorm brewed up everyone was settled in to weather the storm. Kevin Ward had his weather tracker on and we watched as the storm approached. I am a chicken when it comes to thunder and lightning so I opted for the truck as my chair. Some people packed up and went home while there were the few who settled in their chairs and watched while the storm approached. I have to admit the sky was spectacular as the clouds moved in. Just as we started leaving the beach, the skies opened up with some well-needed rain.

Allison Convery filled me in on some family news. Her daughter Susan and her husband Robert and their two sons Daniel and Jack Foltz will be leaving for their Fort Lauderdale home after a month on the Vineyard. Susan is the daughter of Leo and Allison Convery.

While here Susan had a showing of her paintings from her book Thirty Dirty Sailors at a West Tisbury gallery.

Allison also told me that her granddaughter Rachel Convery made the dean’s list at Quinnebaug Valley Community College in Connecticut this last semester.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.