Friday, August 8: Thunderstorm in the first hours of the morning. Bright lightning fills the skies over Vineyard Haven. Rain is heavy and stops by 3 a.m. The morning is partly cloudy.

Saturday, August 9: Sunny, light breeze delays the start of the 12-metre sailboat race in Nantucket Sound. The air is dry with a hint of autumn. Temperature rises to the mid-70s. In downtown Edgartown a bride and bridegroom stand in the shade of tall trees, lit by dappled sunlight. Increasing clouds create a beautiful sunset. People stand along the shoreline on Chappaquiddick to view sunset over Edgartown. Star-filled night.

Sunday, August 10: Sunny, still morning. Nantucket Sound is flat calm as the sun rises. Light breeze from the southwest picks up. Edgartown Yacht Club 12-metre race has a great start off Chappaquiddick and Edgartown outer harbor. In the evening Vineyard Haven harbor is aglow with streetlights, headlights and brightly lit shop windows. Lights on top of masts appear to be slow moving stars in the night.

Monday, August 11: Cloudy morning. Fast moving thunderstorm dumps buckets of rain at 8 a.m. in Vineyard Haven. Bicyclists and runners are caught in the tropical summer shower. Partly cloudy. Heavy rains return in the late afternoon. Rain continues into the evening. The landscape is soaked. Lawns are lush and wet under bare feet.

Tuesday, August 12: The Vineyard is awakened by an early morning thunderstorm from 4 to 5 a.m. Strong winds are embedded in one passing storm cell. Gusty winds throw rain against the windows of homes in Vineyard Haven. Brief periods of sunshine in the morning. Skies clear by lunch time. State Beach fills with bathers in the afternoon.

Wednesday, August 13: Sunny summer day. Temperature rises to the high 70s in the shade. In Oak Bluffs, Circuit avenue is bustling. It’s an ice cream sundae afternoon at Farland Square. Mostly sunny. Kayakers explore Lagoon Pond. Setting sun shines through the clouds over Elizabeth Islands, as seen from Great Rock Bight. Gulls scour the shoreline for a meal.

Thursday, August 14: Muggy maritime summer weather. Dark clouds begin the morning. A hot sun burns through clouds in the midmorning. The weekend forecast calls for more clouds and sun, some showers.