For the second time in three weeks, Oak Bluffs selectmen on Tuesday hosted a special meeting for summer residents. And like last month, this week’s meeting was a largely tranquil affair attended by a sparse crowd of about a dozen people.

While in previous years summer meetings have seen large turnouts — one last year drew nearly 50 people — there appear to be no hot button issues this year.

At the outset on Tuesday, selectman and board chairman Ronald DiOrio opened the floor for comments. “I want you to know when concerns are raised [the selectmen] move swiftly to address them . . . we take what you have to say seriously,” he said.

Yvonne Gordon praised the selectmen for acting quickly to remove a large boat that was in front of her Rowland avenue home. “You acted very swiftly and I am here to thank you. I was at a party, and had to leave especially just to tell you that,” she said.

But Janet Zeller of Cedar avenue complained enough had not been done to clean the blighted property near her home. She was also critical of the town health department, which recently signed off on the cleanup at the property. “They did quite a bit of work, but it still is absolutely unacceptable,” Ms. Zeller said.

Mary Tahmoush, another Cedar avenue resident, said the property has been much improved.

“I’ve been abutting that property for 30 years and I can say there have been substantial changes,” she said.

Saco avenue resident Belleruth Naparstek urged selectmen to remain diligent in working to resolve the ongoing struggle over the Moujabber garage, which abuts her property. The Martha’s Vineyard Commission recently approved a modified plan for the project which among other things called for the three-story garage built on the North Bluff in 2004 without a proper permit to be torn down.

But Mrs. Naparstek said many people mistakenly think the issue has been resolved, when in fact the plans still need approval from the town zoning board of appeals and historic district.

“I am eager to see resolution of the Moujabber issue. A lot of people think this issue has been resolved and that there is nowhere else for this to go . . . that is not true . . . my concern is this will get shuffled around,” she said.

Mr. DiOrio said Mr. Moujabber has yet to file an application to the zoning board or historical committee. He said he plans to ask town counsel Ronald H. Rappaport to give selectmen an update in the coming weeks.