When the air turns drier and cooler, you know it’s time for the fair. My little family had to return to Illinois two weeks ago, unfortunately, they have missed it. But I know many eager children who no doubt started there yesterday. A lot of my little friends have entries in for judging. Good luck!

This is one of the biggest weeks on Island. Illumination Night on Wednesday was also attended by many of my young friends, and don’t forget the fireworks tonight. Meanwhile, the grown-ups certainly enjoyed the a capella group, Vineyard Sound, last Saturday at the Whaling Church. Leda Giatti and Carolyn Walters were in the audience.

Speaking of Leda and Carolyn, their always-too-short stay ends this weekend. Iole and I managed to get there on Tuesday to marvel at the renovations to the Hillman house where the ladies stay annually.

Tuesday night we were invited to a wonderful cocktail party at Paul and Margery Howes’s home, in Lennie’s Loop. Hostess extraordinaire, Dot Eldefry, prepared delicious hors d’oeuvre, littlenecks, and water chestnuts wrapped in bacon were enjoyed by all. It was a farewell party for Dot, who left on Wednesday but promises to return in October. The guests were Jim and Trude Hart, Trude having just flown in from Florida, thus escaping Fay, Marge and Paul, of course, Iole and this reporter, and Scott Moorefield. The laughter was unstoppable.

In other Lennie’s Loop news, Chris Paffendorf has returned to her home after trotting about the country for much of the summer. We have Chris until Thanksgiving.

I am very excited about a new education program which the talented Lynn Ditchfield is getting off the ground. There will be a revival of the adult and community education program, classes will begin the week of Oct. 20. The courses will be offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights and will run for five weeks. Lynn is able to present this program thanks to the support of Island education advocates, the public schools, the YMCA, and several community organizations. If you are interested in teaching, learning, have suggestions, or just want more information and details, please call Lynn at 508-627-8373.

The indefatigable Marsha Wynsryg continues with her support of the Mama Bakhita Center for Disabled Children and the Upeme Hope Orphanage, both in Zambia. You may purchase Zambian crafts, folk art, baskets, sculpture, Tuareg jewelry, ceremonial cloths and more on Monday, August 25, from noon to 7 p.m. at the West Tisbury Grange Hall. Marsha also has a documentary in store for us, Waging Peace in Zambia. Call her for more details, 508-693-4059. I’ll see you there.

Anniversary bouquets go out to Jim and Anne Haney for their 47 years of wedded bliss on August 27. Bob and Patsy Wheeler celebrate their anniversary on that same day.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Jessica Brown, JoJo Wild, and Deral Meadows on August 23. Hannah Epworth claims August 24. Monday is a party for Wendy Smith, Kathy Donnellan, Susie Goldman, and Sherm Goldstein. And on August 28 Peter Weisman, George Platt, Chris Alley, Mat Rice, and Debbie Healy take the cake. Many happy returns.