From now through Sept. 3 the Oak Bluffs police department, along with the Massachusetts State Police and more then 240 other local police departments, will participate in a Labor Day program called Drunk Driving. Over the Limit. Under Arrest.

The Executive Office of Public Safety and Security has provided $725,000 in federal funding for the initiative.

Oak Bluffs police Chief Erik Blake said money from the program will be used to pay for extra police patrols on town roads over the long holiday weekend.

“We will be aggressively looking for drunk drivers,” Mr. Blake said.

The mobilization is part of an ongoing statewide effort to reduce the number of impaired driving-related crashes on Massachusetts roads through increased enforcement and supporting public information. Police offer the following safety tips:

• Before going out, choose a sober designated driver.

• If you consume alcoholic beverages, use mass transit, call a taxicab, or ask a sober friend to drive you home.

• Never accept a ride from an impaired driver.

• Report impaired drivers by calling 911 on your cell phone.

• Always wear a safety belt.

• Obey speed limits and allow extra time for unexpected traffic and weather conditions.

Additionally, people hosting Labor Day celebrations are urged to consider having ample non-alcoholic drinks available, and are also urged not to serve anyone under the age of 21 and to prevent impaired guests from getting behind the wheel.