Friday, August 22: Hundreds gather at the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society fair for the draft horse pull. The air is dry. The sounds and lights of the carnival rides dominate the grounds late in the afternoon. Fireworks over Oak Bluffs are visible from Edgartown to Vineyard Haven. Afterward lines of headlights and brake lights dominate the Oak Bluffs roads.

Saturday, August 23: Vineyard Haven outer harbor is full of visiting boats, at moorings and anchors, under blue skies. Temperature rises to the comfortable high 70s, warmer under the sun. White sails move across the far reaches of Nantucket Sound. The water at State Beach sparkles.

Sunday, August 24: Pilot gig rowers speed out of Vineyard Haven harbor and head toward West Chop. Thin wisps of clouds hug close to the horizon in what is mostly a sunny day. In the afternoon pretty puffy fair weather clouds drift overhead and head east. Late afternoon clouds.

Monday, August 25: Rose of Sharon and late summer roses decorate a Vineyard Haven yard. Temperature rises to 80 in the shade. Clouds increase. Mostly overcast at dusk. A cool evening for a walk along Owen Park shoreline. Temperature drops to 60. Late afternoon, an AM radio fills with crackles from distant thunderstorms, otherwise partly cloudy in the evening. Lightning at night.

Tuesday, August 26: Lagoon Pond glitters in bright overhead sunlight. The pond is calm. Light breeze. Clouds in the west. Skies clear after twilight. The bright planet Jupiter rises over Mill Pond in West Tisbury. Stargazers gather at the edge of Mill Pond for a night of stargazing.

Wednesday, August 27: Ferry Island Home rides into Vineyard Haven harbor on smooth waters. In the afternoon the visiting schooner Amistad is tied up at the wharf in Tisbury Pretty pink and red late afternoon sunshine. Skies are colored after sunset by the light of twilight.

Thursday, August 28: Sunny, calm morning. Ducks in Lagoon Pond swim along and cross the pond toward Hines Point. High flying cirrus clouds decorate the sky with jet trails and wind tails.