Friday, Sept. 5: Bright and sunny summer day. Temperature in the 80s. A perfect beach day without the crowds at State Beach in Edgartown. Solitary strollers search the shoreline for shells. Sailboats under tow are taken from Edgartown harbor as preparations for approaching storm pick up speed. Increasing clouds in the afternoon.

Saturday, Sept. 6: Foggy damp morning. The air is heavy with moisture. Light breeze. Large rollers at South Beach in Edgartown from tropical storm Hanna. Heavy tropical rain shower at 2 p.m. Monsoon rain falls for an hour. Sky is dark and threatening. Brief periods of blue skies in Chilmark. Winds arrive mid-evening. Gale force winds.

Sunday, Sept. 7: Rain after midnight. Barometric pressure drops rapidly to a 2 a.m. low. Steady winds to 30 mph, a few higher gusts. Rain ends at 3 a.m. Leaves and branches fall from the trees and end up on Edgartown roads. Skies clear before dawn. Warm and sunny Sunday. Tomatoes shaken from the vine lie on the ground.

Monday, Sept. 8: Sunny and warm. Temperature reaches the high 70s. Partly sunny skies. The air smells of the ocean along the Owen Park beach. Boats are returned to the docks at Maciel Marine.

Tuesday, Sept. 9: Summer beach day. Barn raising in West Tisbury under bright sunshine. Warm. Clouds arrive in late morning. A dark squall line passes over the Vineyard at 3 p.m. bringing a strong cool breeze. More rain arrives prior to dinner hour.

Wednesday, Sept. 10: Sunny and autumnal cool morning. The air is fresh and dry. Amish children toss a football at the Agricultural Society fairground. A cool northerly breeze. A hawk hovers over the trees. The fields are colored yellow and deep green. A gibbous moon hangs over the hills of West Tisbury in the evening.

Thursday, Sept. 11: The morning starts with bright sunshine and long shadows. Mostly cloudy skies. Occasional sunshine. Blue skies to the north. Calm. The waters of Sengekontacket Pond are still.