A new leader was weighed in at weigh station this morning. Morgan T. Taylor of West Tisbury, an avid angler, came in with a 11.68 pound bluefish at 8:09 a.m.

Mr. Taylor’s fish outweighed the previous shore leader, a fish caught by Matthew P. Wilkins and weighed in on Monday. Mr. Wilkins’ fish was 11.34 pounds.

The derby central headquarters opens at 8 a.m., so when Mr. Morgan walked in this morning with his big blue, he had everyone’s attention.

He is a familiar angler. Mr. Taylor has worked at Larry’s Tackle Shop for four years. He is charged with organizing most of the charters, according to Steve Purcell, store owner.

“He is a good guy. He is usually quiet, focused on his fishing. All the kids from the shop take their fishing seriously,” Mr. Purcell said.

This is the fourth day of the derby and bluefish rule the contest. A total of 115 bluefish have been weighed in as of last night. That is more than all the other species combined: striped bass 40, bonito 25, and false albacore 30.

Maria Plese, who runs the derby headquarters, said she thinks this is a typical and healthy start for the contest. It starts out as a bluefish tournament and spreads out.