I love the fall skies; the bright blue and the soft clouds. I still try to make figures out of the clouds.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week.

Special wishes to my sister in law Linda Noble who celebrated Sept. 16, and great-niece Amanda Brown who celebrate Sept. 17.

Big balloons go out to Diana DeOliveira who celebrated her day Sept. 15, Megan Donovan, Sept. 17, and Curtis Farrell and Renato Gomes who both celebrated Sept. 18.

Yes, I have my list back for the school children. I apologize for the ones I missed at the beginning of the month.

Happy anniversary to Liza and Chris Dolby who celebrated their anniversary Sept. 14.

Best wishes to Justine Shemeth and Paulo DeOliveira who will be united in marriage tomorrow Sept. 20. We wish you many years of love, health and happiness.

I just got a fun update on Ursula Prada. Her sister Barbara has been off with her this week, and Thursday Barbara took their dog Noodle to the rehab to visit Ursula. Barbara said she couldn’t tell who was more excited. Noodle will go back and visit again and will visit more patients as she is certified to perform this duty.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.