Friday, Sept. 12: Mostly sunny in the morning. Clouds increase in the afternoon. Foggy evening.

Saturday, Sept. 13: Heavy rain in Vineyard Haven at dawn. Rain in Oak Bluffs. A small gathering at the Edgartown Lighthouse at 1 p.m. under overcast skies. Light damp breeze. Poor visibility across Nantucket Sound. Fishing boats come in and out of Edgartown harbor in the afternoon.

Sunday, Sept. 14: The landscape is wet. Light drizzle. Windy and the seas are rolling offshore. Fishermen gather inside the derby weigh station at the foot of Edgartown’s Main street for the first weigh-in at 8 a.m. Rain stops in the late morning. Clouds lighten, sunshine in the late afternoon. Bright gibbous moon rises over Vineyard Haven.

Monday, Sept. 15: Clear and sunny in the morning at derby weigh station in Edgartown. Temperature rises to the 80s. The air is tropical. Temperature reaches 80s in the shade. Remnants of Hurricane Ike kick up seas south of the Vineyard. Sunny afternoon. A beach day at State Beach in Edgartown. The Harvest Moon hugs low in the eastern sky after dusk.

Tuesday, Sept. 16: Mostly sunny. Clouds cover the sky by late morning. Mostly overcast. Small windows through the clouds and blue skies. The sky is leaden over Menemsha. Fishermen confir and tell stories at the end of the Menemsha jetty. Small bait swim near the surface. A fleet of fishing boats return home in the late afternoon. Plenty of parking spaces at Menemsha beach.

Wednesday, Sept. 17: Bright and sunny morning. Rays of sunshine come through the clouds at dawn. Five corners is bustling with fast moving trucks and cars at 8 a.m. Mostly overcast morning. Light southeast breeze keeps the temperature low. Sunshine arrives before the noon lunch hour. Mostly sunny afternoon.

Thursday, Sept. 18: The day begins cool and sunny with heavy dew on the grass. School children waiting for their busses wear sweaters. Weekend forecast is for sunny, Indian-summer-like weather.