Enthusiasm for fishing runs rampant at the derby weigh station. Anglers will tell their stories. Occasionally someone sneaks in and posts a note or a drawing on the old building.

This morning a poem was posted on the wall, written by R. Gross:

I’m a fisherman can’t you see.

That’s all I really wanted to be.

Women or man the fire is lit.

In the boats and beaches we all have to hit.

The thrill of it all as we searched the ocean shallow and deep

It’s almost too much to take because I have an exciting date to keep.

It’s in my heart and soul I do believe.

There’s one thing for sure, I hope it never leaves.

It’s just something that fits me to a tee.

In the surf or mighty tide.

There’s something about it I can’t hide

the next cast it might be the mighty one.

I can’t stop it, it’s just too much fun.