Friday, Sept. 19: Partly sunny. Clouds running along the horizon are threatening. Damp. The air smells of the ocean at South Beach in Edgartown. Rolling surf. Fishermen line the Norton Point opening. Breezy.

Saturday, Sept. 20: Excellent visibility across Nantucket Sound. Large sailboats race in the annual gaff-rigged schooner race. Steady east-northeast wind brings choppy seas off East Chop. Five Corner traffic is light in the afternoon. Topsail schooner Shenandoah sits at her mooring without sails. Bright, sunny afternoon.

Sunday, Sept. 21: Calm morning at the Oak Bluffs Steamship Authority wharf, where 200 youngsters gather to fish in the annual Kids’ Day fishing tournament. Deep blue skies. Bright sun casts long shadows in the early morning. East-northeast wind brings in a mat of thick eel grass and seaweed at State Beach in Oak Bluffs. Powerboats are adrift off Cow Bay, out of the seas and amid schools of fast moving fish.

Monday, Sept. 22: First day of fall is sunny and summer-like. Dawn temperature starts in the mid-50s but rises quickly with the sun. Temperature reaches 70s under the sun. Fishermen at derby headquarters complain about the east-northeast winds. Boat fishermen outside of the harbor hook up with false albacore.

Tuesday, Sept. 23: Pumpkins are stacked outside Morning Glory Farm amid dappled sunlight. Old Mill Pond is covered by small wavelets. The ground is dry, the grass lush. South Beach at Edgartown is empty in the afternoon. Bright, warm sun. A juvenile bald eagle takes flight over Edgartown Great Pond. Sunny afternoon. Cool. Temperature drops in the afternoon.

Wednesday, Sept. 24: Children gather in the Tisbury School field prior to school opening, under blue skies. Warmer at noon. Cool, stiff damp breeze off the water at the derby weigh station in Edgartown. Crowds gather, dressed in warm jackets now.

Thursday, Sept. 25: Cloudy at dawn. Then skies clear. Mostly sunny. Fast-moving cumulus clouds come in. Weekend forecast is for rainy, windy weather.