The Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities has awarded matching grants totaling $48,645 in support of eight humanities projects in communities across the state. Five of the grants, totaling $33,645, were made under the theme Liberty and Justice for All for projects that explore these fundamental principles in American political life and their interplay, past and present.

On the Vineyard $5,000 was awarded to the Aquinnah Cultural Center for oral histories of Aquinnah, to support the planning of a permanent exhibit featuring a changing selection of more than 45 oral histories of Wampanoag elders taped during the past 20 years. Visual materials showing traditional items and other relevant imagery will accompany the exhibit. The exhibit, slated for summer 2009, is intended to depict Wampanoag traditional world views and ways of life increasingly at odds with Anglo-American world views and land use during the 20th century, especially with respect to freedom to use traditional pathways. This exhibit will create a seamless correlation between tribal elders, who speak from personal experience and serve as primary sources of Wampanoag history, and the public. For more information, contact Berta Welch at 508-645-7900 or