The New York art scene is the setting for Saturday night’s film, Guest of Cindy Sherman, screening at 7:30 p.m. at the Katharine Cornell Theatre in Vineyard Haven.

This feature documentary (88 minutes) is directed by Paul H-O and Tom Donahue.

In the early 1990s, Paul H-O became a fixture in that scene with his public access show GalleryBeat. Armed with a video camera, he made his way around art openings and exhibitions, alienating some with his candid, witty assessments of their work but winning many fans in the process. Among the latter was Cindy Sherman, the press-shy art superstar, who later — to Paul’s surprise — invited him to her studio for a series of exclusive interviews, which form the basis of Guest of Cindy Sherman.

During the course of these sessions, he not only gains insight into her artistic process, but also develops a deep-seated romantic attachment to her. Cindy returns the sentiment, and a relationship blossom. Their bliss is short-lived, however, as Paul finds himself wracked with anxiety about his own personality becoming subsumed by his role as Cindy’s “plus one” at celebrity-studded art openings and dinners.