Friday, Sept. 26: Rain starts at 4 a.m. and is often heavy. Dark clouds roll in from the South. Intense storm. Rain is heavy in the afternoon. Fog. Shifting easterly breeze. Puddles grow in Vineyard Haven. Five Corners is temporarily flooded between heavy showers. Light rain at the dinner hour.

Saturday, Sept. 27: Overcast with periods of light rain. Holes in the clouds show blue. Heavy rain arrives at noon. Crowds step back into the West Tisbury Agricultural Hall. Monsoon showers are intermittent. Heavy showers pass over the West Tisbury fairgrounds at 4:30 and again at 8:30 p.m. Heaviest rain of the day comes while Ballywho performs. Deep puddles on State Road in North Tisbury and in Vineyard Haven. Rain continues well into the evening.

Sunday, Sept. 28: Rain continues through the dark hours of morning and quickly stops at 9 a.m. Skies remain overcast. Occasional light drizzle. Churchgoers return to their cars carrying umbrellas unopened. A dry afternoon breeze. Clouds lighten over the Vineyard Haven harbor. Skies clear.

Monday, Sept. 29: Partly sunny skies in the morning. The landscape is soggy from five inches of rainfall over the weekend. A light westerly breeze offers a significant change in weather since the weekend. Clouds hug the northern sky. The Milky Way glows over Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary. Increasing clouds late in the evening.

Tuesday, Sept. 30: Rain in the morning. Mostly cloudy skies. Fishermen line up at the Big Bridge in the early morning. Dramatic clouds move in from the southwest. The air is humid, tropical. Occasional drizzle. Bicyclists speed along the State Beach bike path toward Edgartown. Yellow bittersweet leaves hang from tall trees at the edge of Farm Neck golf course. Partly cloudy night.

Wednesday, Oct. 1: Partly sunny morning. A warm sun dries the wet foliage in the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest. Breeze from the west and occasionally from the South. Dramatic clouds over the southwestern sky toward sunset.

Thursday, Oct. 2: Heavy rain arrives between 3 and 4 a.m. Thunderstorm arrives two hours later. Loud thunder rumbles through the streets of downtown Vineyard Haven. Minutes later the early morning sun throws light on the wet facades of shops on Main street. Mostly sunny morning.