Do you agree it’s time for a change? Have we had enough of the same old same old? We seem to have fallen into a rut over the past eight years. Many of us welcome a chance for change, a breath of fresh air, a new view of the world. Bring more people around to our way of thinking. Share our feelings with a larger segment of the population.

We want to do more than we’ve done in the past. We can do better. This is no time to sit on the sidelines. We need to walk side-by-side, shoulder-to-shoulder and show our solidarity for the cause.

People are losing their minds! We have to raise awareness of the crisis in our midst. Snide comments aren’t the order of the day. Change is coming. We should be on the front lines of the new day dawning.

Do you agree we need a fresh perspective? Will you join our cause?

If you answer yes, then on Sunday, Oct. 5, a month before election day, come down to Little Bridge by State Beach in Oak Bluffs as we re-locate the annual Miles of Memories Walk.

Meet at 11 a.m. to register, work out to limber up, then at noon we hot-foot it down the bike path to Big Bridge and back, an exhilarating 2.5 miles.

This is change we can believe in. This is a chance to get involved in a worthy cause, sponsored by a not-for-profit group, Alzheimer’s Services of Cape Cod and the Islands.

This is an opportunity to see the sea, smell the salt air, feel the fresh breeze blowing and enjoy the camaraderie of a good group of people. We even invited a new bunch of enthusiasts to join us: kayakers and canoeists are encouraged to paddle the waters between the bridges, while we walk the walk.

This fresh focus on our change of locale should entice a larger percentage of people to participate. We’ll end up where we began, instead of meandering across town into the unknown. We’ll change our focus by inviting people to carpool to Little Bridge, and eliminate the long bus-ride home.

Prizes will be offered for walkers who raise the most money, for the team with the highest funds. Join a team. Form a team. Walk on your own.

Everyone is welcome. We’ll acknowledge the fastest walker, the slowest walker, the oldest and youngest walkers. And all we ask is that you register prior to the walk. Registration is $25 and for that you will be awarded a T-shirt.

For those unable to participate in the Miles of Memories Walk on Sunday, you may donate online at

For further information, contact Christy Stusse at Alzheimer’s Services at 508-775-5656. All funds raised in the Miles of Memories Walk go for services on the Cape and Islands.

Isn’t that something you want to be part of?