With the Red Sox doing so poorly, participants in the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby have plenty more reasons to go out fishing at night, rather than stay at home watching the Sox lose on television.

Last night the weather was ideal for shore fishermen, with the full Hunter’s Moon making a strong showing. I have heard the full moon spooks some fish, but I also have heard from anglers who believe a full moon improves the shore fishing. Last night offered both hours of full moon light and periods of overcast skies.

Derby president Ed Jerome was this morning’s weigh master, filling in for Roy Langley. The weather may have been nice, but Mr. Jerome said he is wondering where the big fish are. He said there are reports still of big fish swimming in Cape Cod Canal and in the waters off Boston — they just haven’t made it here. Mr. Jerome is fishing exclusively from the shore this year. He said he spent plenty of time last summer as a charter captain, so for him this is a welcome shift.

Tom Teller and his wife, Estey, have been out fishing, a bit east of Wasque. He took a second place daily on Saturday for a 10.39-pound bluefish. Mr. and Mrs. Teller are experts when it comes to catching bluefish.

Mr. Teller, 76, today said he was having a good derby this year, though he would have liked to connect to bigger fish. There are plenty of bluefish out there and only a few stripers. As in the past, Mr. Teller said his wife continues to outfish him.

Today’s forecast is for some more northeast wind, which won’t make boat fishermen too happy. Tonight’s wind will shift to the south, with a chance of rain.