The fishing derby is over; all the signs are down off the junior yacht club, the fishermen are putting the scallop gear on their boats, and town has gone into its quiet mode.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Anna Bettencourt who celebrated her day Oct. 18, Bethany Cobb and Caitlin McHugh on Oct. 19, John Morris on Oct. 20, Michael Johnson, and Mary Morano Oct. 21, and to Izabella Morris who celebrated her day Oct. 23.

I forgot to mention last week that the Dairy Queen closed it doors for the season on Columbus Day weekend. Tony and Erika outdid themselves with the year-end party and of course there was Walter Morrison who served his famous roasted pig. He could not be outdone this year, and as usual it all went with a side of his special sauce. It was nice to visit with all those who have been busy this summer and had time to relax and enjoy a bit.

Edgartown seniors, if you missed this Tuesday’s chat with the new town nurse, Nicole Barlett, here is another chance to improve your health. On Friday, Oct. 31 from 2 to 3:30 p.m. at the Anchors, Alice Bonner, PhD, RN, from the Mass Department of Public Health will be talking about Reducing the Risk of Falls and Working Together as a Community to Achieve Success. She will talk about how you can (should) talk with your health care providers about medications, home safety assessments, the pitfalls when your hearing and vision decline, and other risk factors which increase your chances of falling (like scatter rugs). 

Statistics from the Department of Public Health show that 73 seniors 65 or older fell and injured themselves in Edgartown last year. And that may be a low number. Pat Tyra reports that her husband, Harold, is an unregistered statistic this year, having fallen at home, injuring his hand, but not reporting to the hospital for an x-ray. So even if you are not worried about yourself, please attend thisfree workshopand share the information with neighbors, friends, and other familymembers. Call Cathryn at 508-627-436 8, extension 13 to register.

A friend e-mailed me and said A little bird had called her this week, well actually Gloria Norton. She saw a bigflock of sparrows in her yard. She remembered the informal teaching of our own late Edgartown bird lady, Mona Worden. (If you are young enough to have not known her, pleaseask one of your older family members or neighbors). Mona had always said that when you saw a flock of sparrows to look for another bird with them. Sure enough, Gloria sawa morefluffy bird with some white feathers that she could not identify in the middle of the flock. Mona would have been ableto identify this or most any birdfrom a telephoned verbal description or your mimic of the bird’s song. Gloria remembered how often Helen Tyra and her mother, Jessie Shurtleff would do this and Mona would tell them the name of the bird. Probably there are a number of older residents in town who remember doing this. She also remembered checking with Ms. Worden as a youngster when identifying birds was some school or 4-Hproject. 

Our sympathies go out to the family of Jerry MacKenty who passed away this past week. Jerry fought hard with his illness and always looked for a better way to fight his battle. His family is in our thoughts and prayers at this time.

Also, our sympathy goes out to Sonny Laurent for the loss of his father Ralph. Sonny and Cindy were just here visiting family and friends, and were still healing from the loss of his mother on August 3. We send them our love and thoughts during this most difficult time.

Ralph and I wanted to do something a little different during our routine trip around town this past weekend, so we ended up at The Grill on Main. They have just started serving a brunch for $25 per person and it is all you can eat. There were many choices and everyone who was there seemed pleased. We definitely were happy and know that we will do it again soon.

Well it is official. We heard the first Christmas commercial on TV last week. I laughed to myself because I could hear Ralph in the living room muttering that it was only October.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.