Late October swirls with the supernatural. Dropping temperatures, cheap candy and carved pumpkins all herald the coming of Halloween. Tomorrow, ethereal energies are converging at the Mystic Fair, a healing arts bazaar being held at the Vineyard Playhouse.

From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., the Mystic Fair will showcase all manner of mediums and intuitives (intuitives use the word intuitive as a noun — it is indeed their preferred noun for what you might have previously called a psychic). The fair will including tarot card readers, astrologers, an aura photographer, and a crystal skull energy reader. Fairgoers will have the opportunity to sample the weird wares and at the same time benefit the playhouse.

Gwendolyn Natusch came up with the idea after studying with David Merritt, an Island intuitive. “There’s a group of us who are students learning the intuitive thing, and we wanted the opportunity to practice. We also wanted to bring the community together and to give to a good cause,” she said.

Her teacher, Mr. Merritt, has studied at the Arthur Findlay College for Psychic/Mediums in Essex, England. He is also the leader of the Martha’s Vineyard Paranormal Investigation Team, a group that hunts ghosts and other strange phenomena.

The fair’s proximity to Halloween is no accident; with the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot, people tend to be open to things more out of the ordinary. Said Ms. Natusch, “I think people are more willing to do something out of their normal character, they’re more open to try new things.”

Though the offerings at the Mystic Fair may seem unrelated — ranging from reading the stars to analyzing an aura of color in a photograph — Ms. Natusch said they share a common root. “They all go to a higher source,” she said. “It’s connecting with a higher source to help people find clarity and personal growth they want to have.”

Of her own personal experience studying how to read energy and interact with the paranormal, she said, “Doing this work has given me the opportunity to see that my experience is not just a material experience, but that my life encompasses something deeper and more spiritual.

“All of us are intuitive,” she said, adding, “It’s whether or not we choose to listen to it and focus on it.”

Martha’s Vineyard itself has a special draw for those interested in the healing arts. Ms. Natusch explained, “It has that special Island feel. There are a lot of energy lines that come through the Vineyard. It’s a place of healing, a retreat, a place where people come to recover from situations.”

Saturday’s Mystic Fair offerings will cost $15 for 15-minute sessions, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the playhouse. Baked goods also will be available for purchase.