There is a new boat you just have to check out this winter that will be in our harbor after the expert team of Gannon and Benjamin does some repair work on it. Rip Hayan called to tell me that the Clang, a 54-foot yawl, formerly used in the English Channel to ferry passengers to France, will be in our waters for the winter. The yawl was built in Falmouth, England. It not only provided ferry service but was used in World War II to evacuate British troops when necessary, not in the great Dunkirk operation but in the Saint Malo evacuation. Somehow the boat ended up in our Connecticut River where it sank in the year 2000. A group of interested and concerned citizens had it raised as a community project, and it became a sailboat training vessel on the Hudson River. When it needed some work, who but Gannon and Benjamin would do? You can check out its biography at Thank you, Rip Hayan, for sending me this fascinating story.

I always resented having to wear a uniform in Catholic school. I have ranted in this column about various codes of dress. I remember saying once that spandex should be outlawed. But I have come to the realization that one article should be required, daily, of all people in the world. That is the name tag. I’m not sure if it’s the early onset of Alzheimer’s, which does run in my family, inattention to detail, or a crowded mind, but I had one of the most embarrassing experiences at Cumberland Farms this morning. A beautiful young woman asked me how my English classes were going. I mistook her for one of the Edgartown library ladies. Then she asked if I had a busy day planned. I made a face and said: “Well, I have to go home and write my column, I always put it off until just before deadline.” She looked puzzled so I elaborated and said: “You know, I write the Vineyard Haven column for the Vineyard Gazette.” She responded: “Nancy, it’s me, Lauren. I’m your editor.” Yup, name tags for everyone.

Yet another foray in the embarrassment department for me: May I be condemned to the last spot in standby on a busy weekend for neglecting to inform you of my good friend, Margery Howes’, birthday last Friday, Oct. 17. How did I miss that? Thank goodness I did not miss the lovely party our neighbor, Chris Paffendorf, had in Margery’s honor. Same time, next year.

Our library is very excited about the concert on Tuesday, Oct. 28 at 7 p.m. The Katama Trio will be performing some works by Telemann, Galliard, and Mancini. All are invited to the library and the event is free.

In our continuing study of the energy problem, expert Peter Cabana will be speaking at the library at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 29. His topic is that dreaded three letter word: oil. I’ll see you there.

It’s so hard to choose what to attend when we have such great evening programs on Island. The Martha’s Vineyard Women’s Network is hosting a discussion at the Baylies room of the Old Whaling Church on Tuesday, Oct. 28 from 6 to 8 p.m. The panel discussion is: What to do When Life Happens: crisis management from those who have been there. The panelists are Heather Kochin, owner of Rainy Day, Maria Metters, owner of Bowl and Board, Susan Gibbs of the Fiber Farm, and Jaime Hamlin, caterer par excellence. You may call 914-589-2510 for more information or sign up at

Our hearts go out to Mary McManama at Shirley’s Hardware on the death of her beloved friend and loving companion, Lucy. How well I remember years back when Mary adopted Lucy and began to bring her to Shirley’s for our pleasure. The two were inseparable and had many great years together. Lucy died suddenly, of congestive heart failure. I have no doubt that Lucy’s heart is fixed and she’s happily bounding cloud to cloud in a fenceless heaven.

Anniversary bouquets go out to Al and Flo Koster on Oct. 27. Gilbert and Barbara Silvia celebrate many years of wedded bliss on Oct. 28.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Kim Glodis Martin, Steve Lampart, and Silvio and Lil’Bit Gardella today. Tomorrow belongs to Tom Snow, Sean DeBettencourt, and Dolly Campbell. Oct. 26 is shared by Max Eagan and Heidi Smith. Oct. 27 is claimed by Fernando Almeida and Keissila Cecilio. Oct. 28 is a party for John Rancourt, Shawna Amaral, and Corliss Maciel. And on Oct. 29 Lil Colligan and Jim Norton Sr. take the cake. Many happy returns.