The winds blew this week and Chilmark lost most of the fall foliage, a lot of tree limbs and the electric power for a couple of hours on Tuesday. The project of clearing the town roadsides of dead trees is to start this week and, as if by plan, the winds came first and knocked down a good number of branches. The road crew kept the roads passable. There will be oak fire wood available so if you can use some, please call Tim at town hall and get on the list.

Tonight is the night of ghosts and goblins and from 5 to 6 p.m. there will be a party at the community center for all Chilmark children, who are welcome to bring their parents and any other interested adults for a costume contest and some snacks. Thanks to the Chilmark volunteer firefighters who annually sponsor this party and to Katie Carroll who is this year’s organizer.

Congratulations and good wishes to Sylvia Yeomans who retires this week after 10 years as health inspector and administrative assistant for the board of health. Her coworkers at town hall entertained her at a surprise luncheon earlier this week.

Hank and Carol Goldberg send word of the arrival of granddaughter, Tess Francis Goldberg, who was born Oct. 1 to Dominique Durand and Andy Chase, who is the Goldbergs’ son. The couple lives in New York city with their children Justine and Julien. Cheers from us all.

Carol Brown Goldberg reports that she is now back in Chevy Chase after traveling to Valldolid, Spain, to attend the exhibit of 42 of her paintings in the museum there.

Stan and Marie Mercer are back at their home on Menemsha Crossroads after a car trip across much of the country. They stopped at Sampson State Park near Lake Seneca, N.Y., where the former Sampson Air Force Base conducted basic training during the Korean War attended by Stan and others from Martha’s Vineyard. Their travels included a high-speed ferry trip across Lake Michigan, stops at the Spam Museum in Minnesota and the Corn Palace in South Dakota. They toured the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Devil’s Tower and on to Yellowstone, Grand Teton and the Utah Parks. They enjoyed a two-week visit with Marie’s son, Steve Seward and his family in Telluride, Colo., and, on the way home, stopped for a visit at the Air Force Academy.

Andy Goldman and Susan Heilbron are happy to tell us of the birth of Chase Andrew Goldman who was born Oct. 23 in Jupiter, Fla., to Andy’s son Adam and his wife, Kimberly Chase. Chase weighed in at 6 pounds 4 ounces at 20 inches. Congratulations to all.

Stanley Larsen will keep the Menemsha Fish Market open full time until the first of the New Year when he will reconsider his hours. He is offering local shellfish and a special Monday and Friday sale of all fish under $10.

The Allen Farm Shop is open weekends from noon to 5 p.m. The hours will be extended after Thanksgiving with hospitality treats included.

Clarissa Allen and Adriana Ignacio of Aquinnah recently traveled to Mt. Sterling, Ky., to visit their friend Laura Freeman. They attended the Keeneland Racetrack and enjoyed a traditional Mexican pit roasted lamb served in Adriana’s honor.

I have heard a number of you comment on the desirability of fog lines (those white lines that are painted on the sides of the South Road) on the North Road. It has been suggested that if we would like fog lines on the North Road that we write, e-mail or drop off our requests at town hall. The selectmen would like to hear from us on the subject.

Remember to vote on Tuesday, and if you need a ride to the community center, give me a call at 508-645-3378. I’ll make sure you get to vote!