Need more election reflection before Tuesday night’s poll results? On Saturday, Nov. 1, at 7:30 p.m. the film The Election Game — showing the results gathered by a news team from Italy who travelled around America this past year asking Americans what issues in this year’s Presidential election were most important to them — will screen at the Katharine Cornell Theatre on Spring street in Vineyard Haven.

Producer Emi Norris will attend and take questions after the film.

The documentary begins at the US-Mexico border, at the wall constructed over the Bush administration’s past eight years, perhaps standing as an emblem of the fear of anything coming from the “outside.” The film asks Americans to question themselves: why does the United States elicit so many expectations and inspire so much hope? Why has it been considered a role model for so many countries worldwide? Is America still the America of legend or has it devolved into a disappointing myth?

The film also aims to take a closer look at the phenomenon of American democracy and its mishaps: the hanging chads disaster in Florida in 2000, the controversial 2004 election results in Ohio, the complex mechanism of superdelegates, the political financing system, the profits of media corporations and their ties to electoral campaigns, and the inevitable loss of moral credibility.

This is a journey through American democracy asking, what is a presidential campaign really about?

The film lasts 80 minute. Doors open at 7 p.m. Admission is $8, or $5 for Martha’s Vineyard Film Society members. For more information visit online or call 774-392-2972.