I guess this is a Chilmark story. Really. it is a 21st century anywhere story, but here it is. As many other Chilmarkers do, we enjoy a drive around town periodically, always driving down the same byways and side roads, looking intently at the same scenes that vary only with the colors of the season. There is one turn on one side road that always presents a peaceful vista of a small barn nestled in a small, open field. On a recent ride around town, we passed this turn only to find the view gone and a half a dozen full grown evergreen trees newly planted along the roadside. Maybe I wouldn’t feel so shocked if I had had the opportunity to watch smaller trees grow to bigger trees and slowly take the view.

Billie Hancock had a thrill this week when she was sent a clipping from a Maine newspaper that showed Barbara Bush, the current President Bush’s mother, reading to children at a story time promoting literacy from Billie’s book, Lobstering with My Papa, which she wrote several years ago as a tribute to her late husband, Chilmark lobsterman Herb Hancock.

Kristin Maloney is back at her South Road home and her duties at the library after an enjoyable vacation with her mother in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Her son, Owen, her nephew, Russell Hodson and her friend, Albie Johnson all joined her on the trip. Albie is the Massachusetts State Librarian.

The tree-cutting project continues on North Road. You can call Tim at town hall and get on a list for free firewood if you can use it.

The Chilmark Community Church will suspend their Tuesday night suppers until January.

We send condolences to the family and friends of Gretchen Feldman who died this week. We will all miss Gretchen who was so generous with her time and talents. She had many friends in Chilmark who regret her too early passing and will cherish her memory.

Irene Tewksbury at the Chilmark library is constructing a tree of thanks in the children’s room and invites us all to drop by and add a leaf noting whatever it is we are thankful for this season.

We send condolences this week to the family and friends of both Andrew and Albertha Steele of South Road. They were Chilmark residents for a long time and contributed much to many island activities. Some will remember them, as I do, from their years at the Chilmark flea market when it was called the swap meet and was held at the Church. Albertha died this month and Andrew, earlier this year. Their many friends and coworkers miss them.

Congratulations from us all to Steve and Tara Larsen who celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary on Nov. 22.

The Women’s Network will host a workshop on Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Island Co-housing common house in West Tisbury. The subject is Your Business and the Internet.

Word has reached us of the death on Nov. 5 of Robert Gill Walker of Hightstown, N.J., and Chilmark. He was a longtime resident of Princeton and Chilmark. Barbara, his wife of 60 years, and his children, Mead, Polly, Tertius Gill, Martin, Nicholas and Jennet, survive him. He had 12 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. The family is well known to many in Chilmark and across the Island having been seasonal residents for many years. We will all miss Robert’s presence amongst us. The family plans a burial service at Abel’s Hill Cemetery next summer. We send condolences to all.