Even though the moon was not full on Wednesday night, the sky was beautiful with the clouds somewhat covering the moon and the planets shining through. It was the sky that reminded you that the weather is still nice but you know it is about to turn cold.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Special wishes to Janet Hathaway who celebrated her day Nov. 13, and to Conrad Kurth who celebrates his day Nov. 18.

Congratulations to Dan and Barbara Harnen on their 50th wedding anniversary! They were married on Nov. 15, 1958 at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Edgartown and currently reside in Vineyard Haven. They have two sons, Danny (wife Peggy) and Mark (wife Jane), and six grandchildren, Kyle (19), Kaylee (15), Ben (12), Emily (9), John (8), and Abbey (5).

I neglected to talk about Veterans Day last week. At this time of our lives it is only appropriate for us to pay tribute to all of our service men and women. I was watching a program the other day that mentioned the poppies that were sold on Memorial Day and, I thought, Veterans Day, but it was always a big deal as my parents donated and I got to wear the poppy. Now I know what a big deal those donations were. So once again, I say thank you to all our veterans both past and present for your service.

Last Sunday was a great day, and it was a good day to go to the Pats game. So Ralph, Tony Bettencourt, Glen Searle and Antone Bettencourt went off to the game. So knowing this, Pam Dolby’s husband called me and told me the “Shed” was open and that Pam and Gail Avakian had gone to the game also. There were a bunch of us there and of course it was a great afternoon because it was good company and the Pats won. Who could ask for more?

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.