Well now that the Arctic air is over maybe we can get on with the holidays. The night skies have been beautiful and I love that Orion is back over the house this time of year.

Thirty-eight students from the Edgartown School sixth grade adopt-a-drain program came in two groups to the wastewater treatment plant for a tour and discussion about wastewater and why it is important. Over a few weeks they studied water and pollution and other environmental issues. The kids then made their own wastewater using only food scraps, sugars, oils, salts and cleaning solutions (no pee or poop).

The first step was primary treatment where three different filtering media were used to see what worked the best. One was a piece of screen, another a piece of nylon sock, and lastly a coffee filter. It was shown that the coffee filter worked the best at screening because the holes are so small that more solids were caught.

The students were all given a study guide and had to take a written test. From quizzing them while working with them they did a great job of learning and understanding why and what we were doing.

The students then broke into three smaller groups and walked downtown for two hours each day and installed the medallions on the granite curbs or sidewalks in front of all the drains that drain into the harbor. On the first day selectman Art Smadbeck joined us for our first installation. We had lots of positive comments. On day two principal John Stevens joined the group and finished up the downtown area. Medallions were also placed at the drains in front of the school and while there Ted Morgan stopped by and installed one too.

All of this was filmed by The Vineyard Conservation Society for MVTV Channel 13.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Erik Faber who celebrate Nov. 23, Tiffany Freitas and Avery Simmons on Nov. 26, and Andrew DiMattia, James DiMattia, and Malcolm Hammond who all celebrate their day today.

Special wishes to Paul Schultz who will celebrate his day Dec. 1.

Marissa Cutts, formerly Marissa Cavicchi from Edgartown, was the recipient of the 2008 Commonwealth of Massachusetts workforce mentoring award and was recognized by the Massachusetts department of correction. This award is given annually to two employees who are outstanding leaders in the area of mentoring in the workplace.

Ms. Cutts is a member of the Correctional Association of Massachusetts and American Correctional Association. She received her bachelor of science from Northeastern University’s College of Criminal Justice.

She is the daughter of Joanne Coveney of Edgartown, and granddaughter of Joseph Coveney of Vineyard Haven. She and her husband, Ken, now live in Brockton with their two children.

Ned Burt and his wife Chris have lived in Island Grove in the summer for over 20 years. They spend their August vacation here with their three children Eddie, Rachel and Jimmy, also their niece Brianna and their golden retriever Lucy. They love to go to South Beach and Ned is an avid golfer at Farm Neck.

Jimmy Burt and his Hamden High School hockey team will be on theIsland the first weekend of December to play Needham and the Vineyard to kick off the pre-season. Hamden has traditionally been a Connecticut powerhouse in hockey, winning more state championships than any other school, though they have not won one in a long time. Good luck to all players.

I have to say that things are picking up at Donaromas. There is some serious decorating going on for the Evening of Enchantment. The greens and wreaths have arrived and as we speak the truck has arrived with the Christmas trees. I know this sounds early but there are a lot of people who put their tree up this weekend. We have all been busy decorating wreaths and wrapping the roping in lights and the green houses are filled with poinsettias. So the season is definitely under way.

Congratulations to Thayer Whipple and Michael Snowden who were united in marriage this past weekend in Bermuda. Here is to many happy years together.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and you are having the best part and that is eating the turkey sandwiches with stuffing, and cranberry sauce.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.