Well, Mother Nature is testing us for the winter months. First there was wind and rain, now we are hearing rumors of 12 inches of snow this weekend. I can hear Ralph in the other room muttering that he doesn’t have to shovel rain, so we know what he is hoping for.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their birthday these past two weeks. Big balloons go out to Jerry DaSilva and Abigail Willoughby who celebrated Dec. 6, Victoria Scott on Dec. 8, Warner Hess, Joshua Pinto and Gustavo Ramos on Dec. 10, Danielle Oteri on Dec. 11, Alexandra Ellis and Charlie Morano on Dec. 12, Kassidy Bettencourt on Dec. 13, Mathias Gundersen on Dec. 14, Lucy Enos on Dec. 15, Alex Vasilladis on Dec. 16, and Charles Ashmun and Khalid Dore on Dec. 17.

Special wishes to Eric Hathaway who celebrates his day today, Dec. 19.

I have to say that last weekend was a great one. The weather on Friday morning left us with the feeling that nobody would come to Edgartown for the Evening of Enchantment. Well, fortunately we were wrong. The evening was great, and it was magical — as I heard many people say many times that night. We saw people that we hadn’t seen since summer and some maybe longer.

It was a long haul putting up the lights, starting in October. Getting the trees out, new side walks and opening the new/old building was a big chore. But at the end, when you saw the beauty and the faces of the kids and all the adults, you knew that it was all worth it.

I would like to take this time to thank Andrew Kelly and Kate Conde who put my village together and make up the magical town. They are always there when I ask, and I really appreciate their time.

Welcome home to Meredith Curtis, who returns this weekend after spending a semester at the University of Havana in Cuba as part of her studies in economics at Brown University.

The Hamden boys and parents had a ball last weekend on the Vineyard for their hockey game. The boys were treated to pizza and breakfast by the Vineyardteam. The boys and parents thank them all for a wonderfulweekend.  

David Howe was the winner of the Federated Church choir raffle for the Island Daylilies quilt by Herb Ward. Mr. Howe lives in Framingham and bought the winning raffle ticket at the Oak Bluffs HarborFestival. The choir would like to thank everyone who supported this fund-raiser, which raised $3,000 for their 2009 choir trip to France and Switzerland.

Young and old alike were treated to a performance of aChristmas pageant on Saturday afternoon at the Long Hill Assisted Living Facility inEdgartown. Produced and directed by Nancy Nevin, the pageant was complete with costumes and asingalong and included two dozen Island children ranging in age from 3 months to 13years. Music for the pageant was provided by Cindy Krausswho led the singing and accompanied thegroup on theguitar. Many thanks toElizabeth Sandland for hosting the event. A great time was had by all.

I would like to thank all those who write or call or even tell me on the street that they enjoy this column. I enjoy writing it and hope that I can continue for a long while. I have met many new people, and of course I enjoy talking to people I already know, and sharing everyone’s accomplishments and those of their children or the dream vacations they have taken.

So I wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy holidays. For those traveling, here is to a safe trip and drive carefully.

This is the time of year I like to remind you all of the home candles burning, as it is the time of year I learned about the tradition. As a child, my parents put out a white candle on the right side of the sidewalk leading to the house to guide my brothers who were in the service home safely. So during our time of turmoil I keep a candle burning in my window to help guide those who are away from home and protecting our country.

So as I like to say, Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.