The Red Stocking elves have certainly been busy making a Merry Christmas for all Island children. Our thanks go to Lorraine Clark, Kerry Alley, and the many, many people who help them make it possible for every Island child to have gifts under the tree and, in fact, a tree. The Fund stays open all year long; it’s not too late to send your check to Red Stocking, c/o Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank, P.O. Box 668, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568.

Among the very many returning kids and students for this season are Chris Osborn, here yesterday from his new home in Norway, for a ten-day visit with his siblings and his parents, Jim and Carol. Grandma is Hilda Backus, as you know. Chris’ wife, Lisa, stayed behind in Norway with her loved ones. Chris called me from Ireland two days ago. He said his Norwegian language lessons are going well and he is improving dramatically. Way to go, Chris!

Allayna and John Cohen will be back from their respective colleges for about a month.

As you know, Friday is the last day of school for the kids for two weeks, careful on the roads.

Your children aged 8 to 11 may play Wii games at our Vineyard Haven Public Library today from 4 to 5 p.m. Amnesty for fines for books, videos, CDs and DVDs, continues at our library until Dec. 31. If you bring some non-perishable food item for the Food Pantry, it would be greatly appreciated. The library will take a short break from children and young adult programs on Dec. 22; they will resume on Jan. 6. Environmentally friendly library tote bags are on sale, a great last-minute holiday gift. Don’t forget, we are now open at the library on Sundays from noon to 4 p.m. This reminds me of the thrill I felt when the NYC Public Library began having Sunday hours.

David Howe, of Framingham, was the winner of the Federated Church Choir raffle for the Island Daylilies quilt by Herb Ward. What a treat! The choir would like to thank everyone who participated and helped raise $3,000 for their trip to France and Switzerland.

The Intergenerational Program between the Chilmark School and Windemere has put together a beautiful calendar. The young students have been visiting their Windemere buddies for years. Windemere received a grant from the Permanent Endowment Fund to purchase cameras for the students. These beautiful gifts are available at the Chilmark School, Windemere, Chilmark Chocolates, and Peacecraft on Beach Road at Calico Sue’s. For more information, call Betsy Burmeister at 508-696-6465, extension 722. God bless your support of Windemere!

Please keep Gloria Von Mehren and Manlio Jannace in your get well prayers.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Ron Jackson today. Tomorrow belongs to Carissa Noel Doup. Dec. 21 is for Cathy Weiss. Dec. 22 is a party for Sally Benson, Monica Radoszewski, John Giles and Stephen Dunham the elder. Dec. 24 honors Leo Kelley, Stephen Perry and Emily Chappell. On Dec. 25 Kelly Dos Reis takes the cake. And on Thursday morning, in your hearts, in your homes, and under your trees, may you all find peace.