Barry and Grace Reeves graciously opened their Totem Pole Inn on Christmas Eve to host an evening of fellowship following the Candlelight Service at Community Baptist Church. Delicious delicacies and hot beverages were served as people gathered and participated in singing Christmas carols. Thank you to Barry and Grace for their generous hospitality.

Thank you to Jennifer Christy, Michelle Laurie and Natalie Francis, and to Aquinnah Public Library trustees Betty Joslow (Nancy Delaney and Martha Vanderhoop in absentia), and Friends of Aquinnah Public Library for the evening of accolades for the volunteers who assisted with the transition from the old school house to the old town hall where the library will be housed for the winter. The evening was filled with kind words from Jenny, socializing and more delicacies to enjoy with our hot cider.

Celebrations galore at the Aquinnah Tribal Building and around the Vineyard recently, including the staff party at Balance on Dec. 12. Tribal elders, their guests and staff enjoyed prime rib, oysters on the half shell, corn chowder, mounds of mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, tarragon chicken, pastries and rolls from Orange Peel Bakery, and all the accompaniments on Dec. 18.

The annual Yankee swap, with many interesting gifts exchanged, was held for tribal staff on Dec. 19 with a potluck luncheon.

This was one time the weather prognosticators were a little more accurate than usual. The snow began to fall last Friday afternoon, and as expected it fell at a rather rapid rate. Thank you to all of the emergency personnel who kept busy during the storm and to those who kept our roadways passable. Of course we lost power for nearly four hours, but that pales in comparison to those who have recently lost theirs for days.

Get well wishes to Cheryl Holenko as she undergoes her medical care. May we keep her in our thoughts and our prayers.

Christina Montoya arrived home on Friday from her home in Connecticut. She will spend the holiday with her father, Carlos Montoya, and her brother Joshua Montoya, as well as visits with their mother, Heather Rynd, down-Island. Joshua is teaching yoga at the Vineyard Complementary Medicine Wellness Center and at Rex Jarrell’s new yoga studio on the town line.

Jim and Kathy Newman were excited to have their children and grandchildren with them for the holiday season. Their son Dr. Peter Newman is with Colorado State University and has recently become a dean. He will be accompanied by his wife, Siri, and their children, Sage and Parker. Their daughter, Dr. Julie Newman, is a professor of sustainability at Yale University.

Get well wishes to Rose Marie Roberts who will be undergoing surgery this week.

Get well wishes to Rick Vanderhoop as he undergoes medical treatment at Massachusetts Hospital in Boston.

For your end of the year gift-giving entities in Aquinnah, donations would be appreciated for the following: Community Baptist Church of Gay Head, PO Box 151; Friends of Aquinnah Public Library, State Road; Aquinnah Cultural Center, 10 Black Brook Road; and Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) Community Center, 20 Black Brook Road — all in Aquinnah, 02535.

Happy 17th anniversary wishes to Gay Head Light keepers Richard Skidmore and Joan LeLacheur as they celebrate on Dec. 31.

Happy birthday wishes this week to Naushon Vanderhoop as she celebrates today and shares the day with William Kestenbaum. Donald L. Britt will observe his birthday on Dec. 28 and shares the day with Paul Vandal. Aquinnah fire chief Walter E. Delaney will observe a major milestone on Dec. 29. Olive Mae and Violet Jeanne, twin daughters of Alexandra Taylor and Shaun MacPhail will be three years old on Dec. 30.

As we enter into the new year, a grand year of renewal especially in Washington, D.C., where we anticipate the inauguration and more great happenings, we have grand thoughts of peace and prosperity. Good wishes for good health over the ensuing months, and please be mindful of those less fortunate as we face the winter months ahead. There have been a great many random acts of kindness performed over the holiday season that I have already heard of and undoubtedly will continue into the new year. Please have a safe and sound New Year’s Eve.