The Vineyard Committee on Hunger along with several of our local houses of worship and Reliable Market are working together to ensure that Island families in need will have a great Easter meal. Help by contributing the cost of one family’s meal, $25.

The Easter Basket includes a ham, five pounds of potatoes, three pounds of apples, three pounds of oranges, a pound and half of onions, a pound of carrots, sweet potatoes and more.

The Vineyard Committee on Hunger, will then order one large shipment and distribute the meals at our April 10 meeting. As we all know it has been a tough year. The number of folks we serve at Serving Hands has almost doubled.

Make checks out to the Vineyard Committee on Hunger, and indicate it is for the Family-to-Family Program. It is tax deductible. Send checks to the VCOH, PO Box 1874, VH 02568. Questions: Betty Burton or 508-693-5339