April showers bring May flowers. That is the line for the month. I have a yard full of crocuses and they give us a lot of pleasure. I saw Pat Hathaway on the way to the corner for school guard duty and she stopped to take a look at the flowers which I’m sure gave her a lift.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Diogo Goncalves and Alexander Vukota, who celebrated their day March 28; Sara Creato, March 29; Kylie Hatt and Jaclynn Trapp, March 30 and to Hollis Kelly who celebrated March 31.

Special wishes go to Jim Kresel who celebrated his day March 30, and to Bruschi Dolby’s master who celebrated his day March 31. Will Coogan celebrated his day April 1.

It has been great seeing Zack Waller walking by the house going to the school for his captain’s license. He has been coming home on weekends from his studies at Boston College to take the course. Good luck Zack.

The town is slowly waking up. The men with the leaf blowers have been out blowing the sand that is reminiscent of the sanding they did with the snow storms. Some people are replacing picket fences and people are cleaning the leaves out of their gardens to make way for the upcoming summer.

Don’t forget that town meeting is coming. The town reports are out and available in the lobby of the town hall.

Driving down to the harbor the other day there was one lonely sailboat on a mooring. Just think: in a few months the harbor will be full.

Donaroma’s is slowing coming awake. The herbs are in and the seeds that the girls planted in February are coming along and being moved to the cooler greenhouses and the floral department is getting ready to move back to the big house by May 1.

Now that March madness is almost over it is time to take on the baseball season. Opening day is Monday, April 6, and I know a few people who will be there for the first pitch of the season. I know one man who has played hooky for a long time as he and his brother never missed an opening game since the 70’s.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.