The Trustees of Reservations have a new superintendent for the management of the Chappaquiddick properties of Cape Pogue, Wasque, Mytoi and Norton Point Beach. David Babson of Island Pond, Vt., will assume his duties as of April 20. He is no stranger to Chappaquiddick: his family owns a cottage on Pip’n Road and he has spent part of each summer on Chappy since he was young.

Mr. Babson is also very familiar with The Trustees’ management principles and practices, having served as assistant superintendent of Crane Wildlife Refuge in Ipswich, where he managed the five islands of the Hog Island Preserve, gave guided tours, was Coast Guard-certified to run a launch boat, monitored the bird, animal, plant and forest communities, and maintained historic buildings. In addition, he was an owner of a timber frame company dedicated to green construction of post and beam structures.

Chris Kennedy, regional director for The Trustees, said in a statement: “David’s ability to manage a business and its employees, as well as to connect with the public; his business acumen coupled with extensive carpentry and mechanical skills; and his knowledge of the legal and accounting aspects of running a business on the one hand and conservation properties on the other, really did set him apart from a field of some interesting and excellent applicants for this position.”

“Dave Belcher, and Foster Silva before him, were long-time Chappy superintendents who were very highly regarded, and almost synonymous with our Chappy properties,” Mr. Kennedy said. “But with the new era we find ourselves in, I feel confident that David Babson has all the talents he’ll need to make his own mark, and put his distinctive imprint on the properties and the way they are run. I’m especially glad that he and his wife have taken so strongly to the beautiful island of Chappaquiddick, and are so enthusiastic about putting down their roots in the community.”

Mr. Babson and his wife, Annalei, have two children, ages four and six.