I think spring is here. The other night when I went up to bed and I was listening to the wind and rain and the down comforter was up to my nose, I asked Ralph if it was April or November.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to John Cataloni and Kamaree Edgarr-Harris who celebrated their day April 19; Charles Pikor, April 20; Travis Viera, April 21; Kyle Boyd, April 22; and to Rebeca Lima and Zoe Nugent who celebrated their day April 23.

Special birthday wishes to Huck Look who celebrated his day April 22.

Happy anniversary to Kim and Eric Hathaway, who celebrated their anniversary on April 17.

The Edgartown Mothers Club met last week at Donaroma’s for their annual visit to make their own bouquets. It was a fun night as Kathryn and Leslie guided the ladies through their lessons. Everyone left smiling and with a nice bouquet of flowers for their tables.

This is a reminder that the MSPCA will close its doors on April 30, but May 1, the Animal Shelter of Martha’s Vineyard will open its doors. Donations are still being sought to keep everything running smoothly. Volunteers are needed for walking the animals, helping cleaning and many other chores. Old towels, bedding and dishes could be donated also. If you would like to make a monetary donation, you can mail it to the Dukes County Commissioners, P.O. Box 190, Edgartown MA 02539 with a notation of the donation to the Shelter in the memo. All donations are gratefully accepted.

Marilyn Scheerbaum had an experience with nature last week. She was looking out in her back yard and noticed a hawk going after a mallard drake. The hawk won its battle, and Marilyn ventured out to find a nest of eight eggs. Marilyn didn’t want to leave the eggs so she gathered them up and kept them warm while starting to call around to see what to do. She called Janet Norton who has had many experience with orphaned eggs. Jan knew they needed a brooding hen to help hatch these eggs. So the phone calls started. Jan told Marilyn to call Alan Gowell and Gus BenDavid to see if they had a hen, meanwhile Jan was calling the Vogels to see if they had a hen or other suggestions.

After a lot of networking, they finally called Glen and Rosemary Jackson in West Tisbury and found that Rosemary had a hen on a nest. Marilyn and Ruth Meyers put themselves and the eggs in the car and off they went. Rosemary quietly went into the coop and carefully placed the eggs under a couple of her hens. Now the wait is on. We know that a hen rejected two of the eggs so now we wait and see if the other six hatch out.

Marylyn said she was so impressed with the compassion and the networking of the chicken world. There were so many people willing to help her out in the situation.

The nature adventure happened upon Marilyn’s return to the Island after attending the concert of her grandson Kevin Hoover. Kevin, who is 11, and plays the alto saxophone, is the oldest son of her son Mark Hoover. Kevin’s band from his school won the gold medal in a statewide competition, and they were invited to play at Symphony Hall in Boston. This is the second time Kevin has played at Symphony Hall as his jazz band won the competition two years ago. What a great experience for a young man and his family.

Well, I am still addicted to Facebook. I love talking to people I haven’t seen in a while but I most appreciate the pictures of families that live away and even of those who are here. If we don’t see young families we don’t usually see their kids and see how they are growing. But I also love seeing pictures of people on their trips. I have been following Gail Craig’s family trip in Disney with Amelia and Riley’s adventure with dad Jamie on the train and through the park.

My biggest pleasure was looking at the pictures that Melanie Krauss posted upon her arrival home from her trip to Ireland. They are amazing and you can see that they covered a lot of ground on their trip.

Have a great week, and keep the home candles burning.