I was disconcerted by Jon Snyder’s letters to the newspapers last week following our Tisbury town meeting. I agree, every citizen should participate in our government as far as we are able, but perhaps Jon didn’t think it all out. I love the idea of town meeting, and so appreciated it when I moved to New England. I wanted to attend every one. At one point, I was hired for many years for an office cleaning job that had to be on Tuesday nights. Needing the work, I missed town meetings at those times. Later, when I had a child, either I couldn’t get a sitter or he was too young, or sick, for me to leave. I do remember a very proud moment when I ran his cub scout den and we needed a citizenship badge. All nine cubbies came with me to town meeting, sat on the non-voting side, and paid close attention. At other times, I was in New York helping Mom, or just too exhausted to attend. I have seen parents come to vote a school issue and leave immediately after their vote; perhaps they had youngsters at home, homework to help with, sitters they could barely afford, early work the next day. Mr. Snyder focussed on people leaving en masse after the beer and wine issue. Well, God bless them for showing up. Since that question wasn’t addressed until mid-meeting on night two, you must give them credit for staying through all the other questions raised and voting on those issues. Attendance was certainly down in general on the second night. I was so exhausted that, although I wanted to vote for the lifting of Prohibition in our town, I actually left before the vote. I was sick, couldn’t stay awake anymore, and had to be at work by 7:15 a.m. the next day. We do our best, we do what we can. Don’t chastise a group of people whose circumstances you do not understand. I’ll drink to that!

The Vineyard sun shone on April 9 and 10 for Bhakti Salim and his daughter Brea who made the big trek from Jakarta, Indonesia, to our Island for the first time. They visited Uncle John and Aunt Wiet Bacheller, and promise to return when our beaches are warmer. Brea came to New England to investigate some schools. She is planning to attend Phillips Exeter in September. Keep in touch, Brea.

Did I inform you that Carol Riemers of our League of Women Voters has a new contact telephone number? It is 646-648-0192. Our League is also thrilled to be presenting voter registration once again at our high school, on May 20 and May 21 this year.

No matter what your age, you are welcome to our Tisbury senior center on Wednesday, April 29 at 1:30 p.m. for a talk by retired doctor Sofia Anthony, titled Planning Your Aging: The Choice is Yours.

Our library has invited Roberta Kirn to entertain your young’uns next Tuesday, April 28. Infants through two-year-olds sing and play at 10 a.m., the three-to-five set enjoy Roberta’s talents at 11 a.m. Continuing with annual poetry month, our library staff has invited the Hot Words Collective, many famous Island poets, your friends and neighbors, to perform on Wednesday, April 29 at 7 p.m. Seems to me like every month should be poetry month.

How wonderful to see Peter and Ronni Simon’s gallery re-open on Main street, along with artist extraordinaire Louisa Gould. These two businesses have been through tough times with water leaks and re-construction. Stop in and welcome them back.

I’m giving you a head’s up on our Martha’s Vineyard Women’s Network workshop for Saturday, May 2, from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Harbor View Hotel. Grow your business in these tough times. First ticket is $20, anyone else you bring from your biz is admitted free. Call Ron at 508-995-9500 or Kati at 508.627.6634 to register, space is limited.

Get well bouquets go out to Louise Tierney and Betsy MacPherson.

Anniversary wishes go out to Ron and Barsha Tolin on April 26.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Ann Wells, Alexis Stoudemire and Jane Sherman today. April 25 honors Lorraine Clark, Sarah Codding, Russ Wilson, Betty Roberts and Jennifer Cove. April 26 is for Ardis Fitzpatrick, Kristin Lee and Jamie Hale. April 27 is claimed by Jennie Lindland. April 28 belongs to Ron Tolin, Jenna Corey and Paul Roberto Oliveira. April 29 sees Stephen Dunham the Younger and Marci Nichols grow old gracefully. And on April 30 twin Andie Williamson, Bob Jewett and Ronilton Oliveira take the cake. Many happy returns.