Well, how many of these Islanders do you know: Matt Tobin, Sean George, Eric Hawkes, Paul Munafo, Bob Lee, Denise Catoni, Taffy McCarthy, Aaron Duclos, Elza Minor, Cliff Earle, Victoria Campbell, Sean O’Brien, Xavier Powers, Katharine Pilcher, May Oskan, Brooke Hardman, Jill Macy, Whit Lasker, Evelyn Vertefeuille, Zebee Voss, Dan Broderick, Vinnie Padalino, Tristan Israel and Heather Capece? Rush right down to the Capawock tomorrow, Saturday, May 9, for a showing at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. of the Vineyard–made movie Mow Crew, shot on-Island last spring and summer by Taylor Toole, To add to that cozy, family-feel creativity, Islander Brian Hughes wrote some of the score for the film and Rod Welles provided technical advice. Wouldn’t you know, Taylor Toole won the Indie Spirit Recognition Award at the Boston International Film Festival? The film was shot on super 16mm and transferred to Blue Ray DVD. Richard Paradise, president of the Martha’s Vineyard Film Society, promises that the director, cast and crew will be in attendance at the screening. Additional information, including links to a trailer and music, can be found online at I guess we can all agree that Martha’s Vineyard is ready for its close-up.

By the way, just checking with the rest of the Neanderthals like me — very often now when I am sent an item I no longer get an option like a phone number to call. Do any of you who don’t own a computer (is that still possible?), don’t care to use one, or aren’t comfortable “visiting” places “online” feel a twinge of left-outedness when you are presented with news such as the above? Frankly, to me a “visit” was something you did Sunday afternoons, after church, in your good clothes, to your relatives, who pinched your cheeks till they hurt and served dry old biscotti from Sicilian ceramic jars. Don’t get me going on the change of word usage. I have a ton of them I want to get straightened out. Nevertheless, I shall visit, actually visit, the Capawock and see you there.

Perhaps you caught Dr. Michelle Gerhard Jasny’s wonderful column, the Visiting Veterinarian, in the Martha’s Vineyard Times two weeks ago, in which she described the exciting yet fraught with tension Easter deliveries of eight adorable lhasa apsos born to Blossom. I have a close connection to this story and know the mother’s name is not Blossom; in this world of “privacy policy” notices in every bank statement, doctor, dentist or manicurist’s report, I guess even the identity of canines is protected. Be that as it may, sadly, the ninth puppy didn’t make it, but my friends and Dr. Jasny worked very hard to bring the others to life. Well, they are gambling and scrambling now, ready to leave Mom Blossom in a few more weeks. If you would like to visit the Easter brood and select one or two to enhance your life, call Jon at 508-939-4248.

I was able to see the puppies when they were first-born for a few days, now I have banned myself because you and I both know what will happen. My mother says if I get another dog she will divorce me. My pet population is at three delightful dogs now, and we had the pleasure of Max, daddy to two of my babies, for the past 10 days while his parents went on holiday. They are expected back tonight but, frankly, we have had so much fun with Max I might dognap him. Don’t tell my mother.

Kathy Stinson, children’s librarian, wants us to welcome back Jacek and Norina of Dream Tale Puppets as they present their original creations in Rumplestiltskin for ages four and up on Thursday, May 14, at 3:30 p.m. Thank you, Anderson Foundation and Friends of the Vineyard Haven Public Library for your generous help in making this show possible. The program is free and families are welcome. Remember, no child under age eight may be dropped off without an accompanying grown-up at any library functions or in the stacks themselves.

Sue Wilson sent me an invitation to A Spring Evening of Food and Wine at Atria tomorrow night, May 9, to benefit the fabulous Martha’s Vineyard Museum. Cocktails commence at 6:30 p.m., dinner at 7 p.m. I have reviewed the menu and I swooned — ahi tuna tempura, seared Georges Bank scallop with foie gras terrine, wok-fired quail with fragrant herbs — you get the picture. Nothing you would find in my kitchen. Yes, the price is $125 per person, but yes, the food alone is worth it, the company is very Vineyard, and the cause, our own museum to chronicle and detail this place we so love . . . I’ll see you there. Call 508-627-5850 for a reservation, or visit with Sue on e-mail at

I began speaking about this years ago: you cannot tell me now that not one of you has been affected by Alzheimer’s in your family. Remember, honor, and walk with us. Miles of Memories is coming up on May 17. All money raised on the Cape and Islands stays on the Cape and Islands. Call 508-775-5656 or register at

Our condolences go out to Ellie Boales and her family on the death of her dad, Ray Moreis Sr. He shall be greatly missed in our community.

Welcome home and get well wishes go out to George Kilowatt Santos, returning from Florida and recovering from surgery. Now I love George dearly. But when I ran into him in Mardell’s and told him he missed nothing but bad weather here this winter, George began to say how off and cold the weather had been in Florida. We ladies shouted him down and showed him no mercy. I guess George has missed my columns where I state snowbirds have no right to complain.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all this weekend. Anniversary bouquets go out May 10 to John and Nancy Gardella. Note bene: this is not me, and this is not Chamber of Commerce Nancy Gardella. This is my sister in law in White Plains Nancy Gardella, who has caused no end of confusion for me down there by changing her name. I get no break from this identity crisis.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Chris Collins, Whitney Kelly, Darcy Jewett and Matheus dos Santos on May 9. Helen Staruk claims Sunday for her own. May 11 honors Mary Anne D’Alessandro and Tristan Klein. May 12 is shared by Jyl Manning and P.J. Fleming. May 13 is for Terri Hayes and James Cooley. And on May 14 Jesse Elsasser, Emily Tarbegh and Becky Esposito take the cake. Many happy returns.